Tim Powles



with Chris Campbell:
Tyg's In Space   1999   ??   Produced by Tim Powles



Penny Flanagan   cd      Light Sleeper               1999
The Church       cd      Box Of Birds                1999
Skulker          track   Forgotten Years             2001
The Church       cd      After Everything Now This   2002

Session musician

Johnny Batchelor   mlp   Sin             1989
Go 101             lp    Tempting Fate   1989
I.D.               cd    The Well        1990
Jack Frost         cd    Snow Job        1995
Monique Brumby     cd    Signal Hill     2002


Flight X7 (NZ)
Ward 13 1981 John Arthur, Leigh Hamilton Johnston, Steve Lunn, Peter Mullens, John Roberts, Andrew Ross, Stephen Walls
The Venetians 1983-1989 Steve Ball, Lee Borkman, Matthew Hughes, Rik Swinn, Dave Skeet, Peter Watson
Scribble 1985-1986
Divinyls 1989
Johnny Batchelor's Pleasure Planet 1989 Lee Borkman, Mike Caen, Sandy Chick
Gank 1990 Cameron Giles, Mark Gray, Greg Parke, Peter Watson, Paul Wheeler
Angry Anderson Band 1990
Ana Christensen Band 1991 Lee Borkman, Steve Bull, Mike Caen, Mike Woodcock
The Church 1993-present
The Refo:mation 1996-1997

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