Barton Price


Session musician

Divinyls              lp    What A Life!    1985
Flame Fortune         12"                   1985
Jenny Morris          lp    Body And Soul   1987
Marty Willson-Piper   lp    Art Attack      1988
Maybe Dolls           cd    Propaganda      1992


The Crocodiles (NZ) 1980 Jenny Morris, Tony Backhouse, Peter Dasent, Fane Flaws, Ian Gilroy, Mark Hornibrook, Bruno Lawrence, Tina Mathews
Sardine v 1981-1982
The Models 1982-1988
Big Choir 1984
Bob Starkie Shape Up
The Rocking Love Gods 1985 James Reyne, Rick Grossman, Flame Fortune, Graham Bidstrup, Tim Brosman, Andrew Farriss
The Proteens
The Party Boys 1988
Curious (Yellow) 1988
Wa Wa Nee 1988-1989
April Fish 1990 Nicole Ainslie, Leslie Branagan, Drue Hoile
Funkicide 1990 Steven Anderton, Lenny Bastian, Ken Campbell, Justine Clark, Nick Cross, Ron Hadley, Deni Hines, Greg Perano, Richard Ploog, John Poulsen
Big Spirit 1990
Red Not Blue 1991 David Adams, Paul Burton, John Prior, Rick Grossman
Lost Boys 1992
Bengal Tigers 1992
Choirboys 1995
The Models 2000

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