Rick Price



Heaven Knows           1992   10   Produced by Chris Lord-Alge

CD   AUS   Columbia
     AUT   Epic EPC 471285 2
     UK    Epic
     USA   Epic

MC   AUS   Columbia

Tamborine Mountain     1995   13   Produced by Ben Wisch and Rick Price

CD   AUS   Columbia 480660.2

MC   AUS   Columbia 480660.4

Songs From The Heart   1996   13

CD   AUS   Columbia

Another Place          1999   10   Produced by Phil Buckle and Rick Price


A Million Miles        2003   10   Produced by Rick Price


Best Of                2004   18

CD   AUS   Columbia 5190082000

Contribution to album

The Spirit of Christmas 1994   1994

Session musician

Jab/Cowley Neil and Hofman   lp    Initial Success           1984
Dragon                       s     Celebration               1987
Various                      s     Celebration of a Nation   1988
Australian Olympians         s     You're Not Alone          1988
Various                      lp    ABC Children's Series 0   1989
Dragon                       lp    Bondi Road                1989
Jade Hurley                  cd    No Stopping               1990
1927                         cd    The Other Side            1990
Tina Arena                   cd    Don't Ask                 1994
Tina Arena                   cd    In Deep                   1997
Julie Anthony                cd    Never Stop Believing      1999
sister2sister                cd    One                       2000
Gina Jeffreys                cd    Angel                     2001


The Orbits
Tommy Emmanuel Band 1988
Groove City Co-Op 1989 Ben Butler, Danni'elle Gaha, Mitch Farmer, Sam McNally, Tracey Yarad
Rick Price Band 1992 Mike Caen, Mitch Farmer, Shauna Jensen, Peter Northcote, Victor Rounds

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