Robert Price


Session musician

Ken Brumby         lp                                     1978
Australian Crawl   lp   Between a Rock and a Hard Place   1985
Hi Ho              s    Don Juan                          198?
Love Gone Wrong    s    World Upside Down                 1988


The Riverina Playboys 1977-1978 Graeme Drendel, Roni Elazary, Brian Gamble, Mark Harvey, Rob Nicholson, Geoff O'Connell, Peter Summers, Richard Warwick
The Shades 1979
Strange Idols 1981-1982 Brian Gamble, Peter Summers, Matt Morris, Howard Croft, Victor Kater
Broderick Smith Band 1983
Australian Crawl tour 1985
Renee Geyer band
The HiTones 1985 Tony Faehse, Robert Glover, Shirley Mathews, Gary Nottingham, Peter Reed, Steve Williams, Chris Wilson
Bob Starkie Shape Up
Rattling Sabres (USA) -1987 Kerryn Tolhurst, Ivan Kral, Tony Shanahan
Rattling Sabres 1987 Leyton Greening, Lindsay Hodgson, John Lee, Chong Lim, Bruce Nightingale, Kerryn Tolhurst

Sources of information: Robert Price, Peter Summers
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