UK 1967-1969



Live At Sebastian's   1968

LP   AUS   Festival

Procession            1969

LP   AUS   Festival

Minutes For Moderns   1989

LP   AUS   Raven


Collinge Craig (d) 1967-1969 The Knack, The Librettos, Manfred Mann Chapter III (UK), Allan Rice and Friends (UK), Shadows (UK), Third World War (UK), Shoot (UK), Manfred Mann (UK), Shout (UK)
Griffin Trevor (org) 1967-1969 Question Marks (UK), The Playboys, Sons Of The Vegetal Mother
Peacock Brian (b) 1967-1969 The Librettos, The Playboys, Gerry and The Joy Band, Western Flyer. Managed: Dugites, Eurogliders, Redgum, Deckchairs Overboard, Wa Wa Nee
Rodgers Mick (g) 1967-1969 The Librettos, The Playboys, Visions (UK), Adam Faith (UK), Doug Parkinson in Focus, Bulldog, Storyteller (UK), Manfred Mann Chapter III (UK), Greenslade (UK), Eclipse, Rokes (UK), Aviator
Wilson Ross (v,harm) 1969

Sources of information: Ross Wilson Homepage
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