Pseudo Echo

Melbourne 1982-1989,1997-present



Listening/In Their Time   1983    2   Produced by Peter Dawkins

Single   AUS   EMI 1158

Autumnal Park             1984   10   Produced by John Punter and Peter Dawkins

CD       USA   Almacantar AR-5931 (remastered, issued 2005, 14 tracks)

LP       AUS   EMI P 430008
         HOL   EMI 1C 064 4300081
         USA   EMI ST-17130 (entitled "Pseudo Echo")

Love an Adventure         1985   10   Produced by Mark S. Berry, Brian Canham and Ross Fraser

CD       AUS   EMI CDP 7 46257 2
         GER   RCA PD90024 (issued 1987)

LP       AUS   EMI EMX 430033
         AUS   EMI EMX 430033 (re-issue 1987, added "Funky Town (Dance Mix)")

Funky Town                1986    2   Produced by Brian Canham

Single   AUS   EMI 1883

Maxi     AUS   EMI ED 237 (added "Funky Town (Dance Mix)")

Love An Adventure         1987   10

CD       GER   RCA PD 90034
         USA   RCA 5730-2-RX

LP       GER   RCA PL 90034
         USA   RCA 5730-1-RX

MC       GER   RCA PK 90034

Long Plays 83-87          1987    8

CD       AUS   EMI EMX 430048
         AUS   EMI 7469492 (re-issue 1990)

LP       AUS   EMI EMZ 430048 (including poster)

Race                      1989   10   Produced by Julian Mendelsohn, Brian Canham and Brian Malouf

CD       AUS   EMI CDP 790983
         GER   RCA PD88503 (different cover)
         USA   RCA (different cover)

LP       AUS   EMI EMX 790983

MC       USA   RCA 8503-4-R (different cover)

Best Adventures           1995   14

CD       AUS   EMI 8140762

Teleporter                2000    9   Produced by Brian Canham

CD       AUS

Autumnal Park - Live      2005   10

CD       USA   Almacantar AR-4115

The 301 Demo Sessions     2005   16

CD       USA   Almacantar AR-7147


Argiro Anthony (d,perc) 1983-1985 The Asthmatics, Sapphire and The Sirens, The Rain, Red Texas, solo-album
Canham Brian (v,g,k) 1982-1989,1997-present
Danielson Darren (d) 1997-1999 Roxus, Flares, Chocolate Starfish, Brill, Sugarlips
Featherstone Tony (k) 1997-1999 John Justin and Thunderwings, Diamond Dogs, The Slow Club, The Badloves
Gigliotti Pierre (b,k,bv) 1982-1989,1997-present Ozrolite, The Lites, Secret Agents, Diamond Dogs, All The Young Dudes, Sofa
Grayson Ben (k) 1999-present Swinging Sidewalks, Chris Wilson Band, Louis King and the Liars Club
Lee Martin (d) 1999 Brasilia, Regurgitator
Leigh James (k,bv) 1984-1989 Bainsy Leigh, Tina Arena Band, Vertigo
Leigh Vince (d,bv) 1985-1989 Marginal Era, Bainsy Leigh, Tina Arena Band, Vertigo
Lugton Tony (k,bv) 1982-1984 John Justin Band, Stealer, James Freud and The Radio Stars, James Freud and Berlin, Propaganda, Talk That Walk

Sources of information: Stefan Warnqvist, The Pseudo Echo Files, Karen McAlister
© Magnus Holmgren
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