Sydney 1983-1985



Animal Magic   1984   11   Produced by Mark Moffatt and Ricky Fataar

CD       AUS   EMI 432041-2

LP       AUS   EMI

This One       1984   ??   Produced by Charles Fisher

Single   AUS   EMI


Belton Ian (b) 1983-1985 Malcolm McCallum Band, Renee Geyer Band, Dave Dobbyn and The Stone People, Dave Dobbyn Band, Ian Moss Band, The Robynne Dunn Band, Mondo Rock, Daryl Braithwaite Band, Gyan, died 1993.
Fearnly Steve (d) 1983-1985 Dave Dobbyn Band, Ian Moss Band, Mark Williams Band
Goh Rex (g) 1983-1985 Leon Berger Band, Air Supply, Solid Citizens, The Hard Rockin' Dudes, Groove City Co-Op, Eurogliders, Tania Bowra Band, The Robynne Dunn Band, Shauna Jensen Band, Supermarket, Say Yes, Duff and Rhodes, The Zappas
Irwin Martin (k) 1983-1985 ---
Morris Jenny (v) 1983-1985
Williams Warren (b) 1983-1985 ---

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