Hugo Race



Hugo Race and The True Spirit:
Rue Morgue Blues        1988   10

CD          GER   Normal 118 CD

LP          AUS   Rampant
            GER   Normal

Earl's World            1990   12

CD          GER   Normal 125 CD (1 bonus track, "Hush-A-Bye-Baby")

LP          GER   Normal

Second Revelator        1991   10   Produced by Mick Harvey

CD          GER   Normal 135 CD

Spiritual Thirst        1993   12

CD          GER   Normal 155 CD

Valley Of Light         1996   12   Produced by Tony Cohen with Hugo Race and The True Spirit

CD          AUS   Roadshow/PolyGram 17526-2
            GER   Glitterhouse/Efa GRCD 390

LP          GER   Glitterhouse/Efa GRLP 390

Wet Dream               1997   12   Produced by Hugo Race and Chris Hughes

CD          GER   Glitterhouse GRCD 396 (mailorder, limited edition of 1000)

Chemical Wedding        1998   10

CD          GER   Glitterhouse GRCD 424

Last Frontier           1999   12   Produced by Hugo Race

CD          GER   Glitterhouse GRCD 454

Long Time Ago           2001   29

Double-CD   GER   Glitterhouse GRCD 518

Hugo Race:
Stations Of The Cross   1994   13

CD          GER   Normal 185 CD

Contribution to album

The Spooky Records Bootlegs - Volume 1   2002

Session musician

Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds   lp   Kicking Against The Pricks            1986
Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds   cd   Tender Prey                           1988
Robert Forster                cd   Danger In The Past                    1990
Mick Harvey                   cd   Intoxicated Man                       1995
Nikki Sudden                  cd   Seven Lives Later                     1996
Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds   cd   Murder Ballads                        1996
Micevice                      cd   Experiments On The Duration Of Love   1999


Dum Dum Fit 1978 Robin Casinader
Plays With Marionettes 1979-1984 Robin Casinader, Edward Clayton-Jones, David Last, Brian McMahon, Greg Nelson, Nick Seymour, Frank Trobbiani
Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds 1984
The Wreckery 1984-1989 Nick Barker, Robin Casinader, Edward Clayton-Jones, Brian Colechin, John Murphy, Ted O'Biegly, Charles Todd
Hugo Race and The True Spirit 1988-present

Members (Hugo Race and The True Spirit)

Barker Nick (b) 1988-1989
Casinader Robin (k,violin) 1988-1989,1991-199?
Clayton-Jones Edward (g) 1991- The Fabolous Marquises, Piano Piano, Plays With Marionettes, Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds, The Wreckery, The Fester Brothers, Turkey Neck Lasso, The Flirts
Colechin Bryan (b,bv) 1991-present Newz, Marching Girls, Dimon Theory, Black Sun, The Wreckery, The Glory Boys, Barry Plankton, Mia Stone and The Dirty Strangers
Drogeur Ralph (?) 1991
Hughes Chris (d,perc) 1991- The Slub
Molineux John (?) 1991
Poliness Brett (d) 2002- Silver Ray
Race Hugo (v,g) 1988-present
Russo Michelangelo (harm) 199?-present

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