Roddy Radalj/Roddy Rayda



Lost, Lonely and Vicious   1990   ??   Produced by Chris Masuak

CD   AUS   Regular

Orgazzamatazz              1991

CD   AUS   Shock

A Mouthful of Chicken      1993

CD   AUS   Shagpile


The Exterminators 1977 Mark Dimitrious, John Rowlings, Boris Sudjovic
The Invaders 1977-1978 John Rowlings, Boris Sudjovic, Kim Salmon
The Scientists 1978-1979
The Rockets 1979-1980 John Cole, John Hemans, Peter Johnson, Vic Lundy, Allan Stewart, Boris Sudjovic, Chris Tuna, Phil Bailey
Hoodoo Gurus 1981-1982
The Johnnys 1982-1984
Big Choir 1984
Love Rodeo 1984-1985 Greg Perano, Marc Scully
James Baker Experience 1985-1986
The Adorable Ones 1987 James Baker, Boris Sudjovic, Peter Simpson
The Dubrovniks 1988-1989
The Punjabbers 1988 Brett Ford, Tony Robertson, Tony Thewlis
Roddy Rayda and The Surfin' Caesars 1989 Gye Bennetts, Richard Davis, Bill Gibson, Phil Hall, Paul Larson, Jim Leone, Chris Masuak, Dutch Saether, Brad Shepherd, Bob Salter, Ziggy Stanton, Bob Wackley?
Roddy Radalj Band 1989- Billy Gibson, Chris Masuak, Jim Leone, Paul Loughead

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