The Radiators

Sydney 1978-



Feel The Heat                         1980   ??   Produced by Charles Fisher

LP        AUS   WEA

Roomful of Diamonds                   1981    2

Single    AUS   7/Powderworks

You Have The Right To Remain Silent   1981    5   Produced by Charles Fisher

Mini-LP   AUS   WEA
          AUS   WEA (re-issue 1982)

Up For Grabs                          1981    2

Single    AUS   Powderworks

Nothing's Changed                     1981    2

Single    AUS   Powderworks

Four Grabs                            1981    4

EP        AUS   Powderworks

Scream Of The Real                    1983

LP        AUS   EMI
          USA   Liberty/EMI

Life's a Gamble                       1984

LP        AUS   EMI

One Touch                             1986    2

Single    AUS   Powderworks

Nasty Habits in Nice Children         1987   ??   Produced by Peter Blyton

LP        AUS   Mercury/PolyGram

Gimme... Live                         1988   ??   Produced by Peter Blyton

LP        AUS   Mercury/PolyGram

Hard Core                             1991


Radiators                             1993

CD        AUS   Mighty/MDS

Stone                                 1995

CD        AUS   Mighty/MDS

In Their Element: The Best Of         1995

CD        AUS   EMI

Contribution to album

Gimme Ted - The Ted Mulry Benefit Concerts   2003


Buckley Mick (d) 1984-1987 Rupert B, Johnny Kannis and Night Train, School For Scandals, Modern Primitives
Callinan Brendan (k,bv) 1978- Big Swifty, Modern Primitives
Heaney Brad (d) 1987 DV8, Screaming Jets
Lucas Mark (d) 1987- Pink Slips, Subway Crush
Nichol Brian (v,g) 1978- Big Swifty
Parker Stephen (g) 1978- Big Swifty
Tagg Chris (d) 1978-1984 Big Swifty
Turner Geoff (b,bv) 1978- Twister

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