Radio Birdman

Sydney 1974-1978,1995-1996,1997,2002,2005-



Burn My Eye                        1976    4   Produced by John Sayers and Charles Fisher

EP          AUS   Trafalgar ME-109 (issued 1977, 1000 copies only?)
            AUS   East West 0.257840 (re-issue 1988)

Radios Appear                      1977   10   Produced by John Sayers and Charles Fisher

CD          AUS   East West 229255957-2 (issued 1992)

LP          AUS   Trafalgar TRL-1001 (3000 copies made)
            AUS   Trafalgar/WEA TRL-1001 (re-issue 1977, different insert)
            AUS   Big Time BTB-906 (re-issue 1984, no insert)
            AUS   East West 255957.1 (re-issue 1988)

Radios Appear (Overseas Version)   1978   12   Produced by John Sayers and Charles Fisher

CD          AUS   East West 229255958-2 (issued 1992)
            AUS   Red Eye/Polydor RED CD 49/527 345 2 (15 tracks, remastered re-issue 1995, initial copies contained a bonus CD)
            AUS   Citadel citcd550 (issued 2002, 15 tracks, with bonus Burn My Eye EP)

LP          AUS   Trafalgar TRL-102
            AUS   East West 255958.1 (re-issue 1988)
            CAN   Sire 9147-6050
            FRA   Philips 9199 563
            NOR   Philips 6370 819
            UK    Sire/Phonogram 9103-332
            UK    Sire/WEA SRK 6050 (re-issue 1978)
            USA   Sire SRK 6050 (inner sleeve)

Living Eyes                        1981   13   Produced by Deniz Tek

CD          AUS   East West 229255959-2 (issued 1992)
            AUS   Red Eye/Polydor RED CD 53/529 441 2 (17 tracks, remastered re-issue 1995, different sleeve)
            AUS   Citadel citcd551 (issued 2002, 14 tracks)

LP          AUS   WEA 600085
            AUS   East West 255959.1 (re-issue 1988)

Soldiers of Rock'n'Roll            1982   11

LP          AUS   WEA YEAHUP 1 (5/11 tracks)

Radios Appear/Living Eyes          1984

Double-LP   AUS   Big Time BTD-501

MC          AUS   Big Time

More Fun!                          1988    4   Produced by Charles Fisher and Deniz Tek

Maxi        AUS   East West 0.257825

Under The Ashes                    1988

Box-set     AUS   East West LOC-999 (containing 4 LP's, 2 maxis and 1 single)

Under The Ashes                    1992   31

Double-CD   AUS   East West 255991-2

The EPs                            1992    8

CD          AUS   East West 4509-90743-2 ("Burn My Eye" and "More Fun!")

Ritualism                          1997   12

CD          AUS   Crying Sun Records CSR01 (A5 limited edition)
            AUS   Crying Sun Records CSR001 (jewel case)

The Essential Collection 1974-78   2001   22

CD          USA   Sub Pop

Zeno Beach                         2006   13   Produced by Deniz Tek with Greg Wales

CD          AUS   Crying Sun/Shock CSR002
            USA   Yep Roc

LP          GER   Stickman
            USA   Yep Roc

Shared with Deniz Tek:
Alien Skies/100 Fools              1984    2   Produced by Deniz Tek and Bill Holford

Single      AUS   Citadel CIT003

Contribution to album

Used And Recorded By Vol. 2      1997
Triple J - Archive Series 1975   2005


Dickson Jim (b) 2000-
Gilbert Warwick (b) 1975-1978,1995-1996,1997 The Hitmen, New Race, The Rats, Lime Spiders, Flathead, The Raouls
Hopkinson Russell (d) 2005- Circle A, Zoo Rejects, Genocide, Mob Vengeance, Dismembered, Insurrection, Vicious Circle, Greenhouse Effect, Bamboos, Memento Mori, Cremator, Kryptonics, Nursery Crimes, Killig Time, You Am I
Hoyle Pip (org,p) 1974-1975,1976-1978,1995-1996,1997,2005- TV Jones, The Visitors, Deniz Tek Band
Keeley Ron (d) 1974-1978,1995-1996,1997 The Rats, The Visitors, The Other Side, The Hitmen
Masuak Chris (g,p,bv) 1975-1978,1995-1996,1997,2005-
Rourke Carl (b) 1974-1975 The Rats, Siren, Heat, IQ
Tek Deniz (g,bv) 1974-1978,1995-1996,1997,2005-
Younger Rob (v) 1974-1978,1995-1996,1997,2005-

Sources of information: Radio Birdman Discography by Henry Weld - Version 10.4 7/12/1997, Björn Kirsch, Craig Regan, Divine Rites
© Magnus Holmgren
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