Eddie Rayner



Horse              1995   12   Produced by Eddie Rayner

CD   NZL   Epic 478620-2

The Eddie Rayner Project:
Play It Straight   2002   13   Produced by Eddie Rayner

CD   NZL   G-Tone Music GT CD101

Contribution to album

ENZSO                              1996
ENZSO 2                            1998
Other Enz - Split Enz and Beyond   1999


NZ Pop               s     The Ritz                 1981
Models               mlp   Cut Lunch                1981
Split Enz            s     Next Exit                1983
Split Enz            lp    Conflicting Emotions     1983
Split Enz            lp    The Living Enz           1985
Promise              s                              1985
FAB                  s     Happy People             1985
Models               s     Tropic Of Cancer         1985
Adrian's Wall        s     Reach Out                1986
The Ones             s     Heart                    1986
Crowded House        lp    Crowded House            1986
The Makers           cd    The Makers               1990
The Makers           cd    Hokey Pokey              1993
Margot Smith         cd    Sleeping With The Lion   1993
Split Enz            cd    Anniversary              1994
The Exponents        cd    Better Never Than Late   19??
Various              cd    ENZSO                    1996
Dead Flowers         cd    ?                        1998
Various              cd    ENZSO 2                  1998
Margaret Urlich      cd    Second Nature            1999
Grand Central Band   cd    Cook Street Sessions     2000

Session musician

Phil Manzanera     lp    Listen Now                                1977
Phil Manzanera     lp    K Scope                                   1978
Alastair Riddell   lp    Alastair Riddell                          1978
Citizen Band       lp    Just Drove Through Town                   1979
Australian Crawl   lp    The Boys Light Up                         1980
Graham Brazier     s     Six Piece Chamber                         1980
Zoo                lp    CandE                                     1982
Jo Jo Zep          12"   Losing Game                               1983
Paul Smyth         s                                               1983
No Nonsense        lp    Around Tuit                               1984
Goanna             lp    Oceania                                   1984
ASIO               s                                               1985
Machinations       lp    Big Music                                 1985
Models             12"   Tropic Of Cancer                          1985
Australian Crawl   lp    Between A Rock And A Hard Place           1985
Paul McCartney     s     Spies Like Us                             1985
Paul McCartney     lp    Press To Play                             1986
The Angels         lp    Howling                                   1986
Redgum             lp    Midnight Sun                              1986
Brainwaves         12"   Brainwaves                                1986
The Ones           s     Heart                                     1987
Adrian's Wall      lp    Caught In The Web                         1987
Soundtrack               Bad Boy Johnny and The Prophets of Doom   1990
Mimori and Sotoma  cd    Hope                                      1990
Tim Finn           cd    Before And After                          1993
Margot Smith       cd    Sleeping With The Lion                    1993
Crowded House      cd    Together Alone                            1993
Stephen Housden    cd    New World Groove                          1993
John Clarke        cds   We Don't Know How Lucky We Are            1998
Margaret Urlich    cd    Second Nature                             1999
Crowded House      cd    Time On Earth                             2007


Orb 1971-1973 Paul Crowther, Wally Wilkinson, Alistair Riddell, Peter Kershaw
Stewart and The Belmonts 1973 Brent Eccles, Alistair Riddell, Greg Clark, Peter Cuddihy
Split Enz 1974-1984
Space Waltz 1974-1975 Brent Eccles, Alistair Riddell, Greg Clark, Peter Cuddihy, Mike Chunn
Schnell Fenster 1986
The Rock Party 1986
Crowded House Tour 1987,1988,1989
The Makers 1988-1993

Sources of information: Shadow Cabinet - Church Homepage, Stefan Warnqvist, Double Happy - The Music of Eddie Rayner
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