Rebeccas Empire

Melbourne 1994-present



Atomic Electric            1994    4

CD-Single   AUS   Polydor

Take A Look At Happiness   1995    6

Mini-CD     AUS   Polydor

Way Of All Things          1996   13   Produced by Shane O'Mara

CD          AUS   Eternity/Polydor 527 980-2

Car Radio                  1997    3

CD-Single   AUS   Yikesville (only available at gigs)

Welcome                    1999   12   Produced by Shane O'Mara

CD          AUS   Festival D24132

Contribution to album

Used And Recorded By            1995
Triple J Live                   1996
To Hal And Bacharach            1998
Bigger Than Tina (Soundtrack)   1999


Barnard Rebecca (v,g) 1994-present
Den Elzen Michael (b) 1994-1998
Luscombe Peter (d) 1994-present
McDonald Bill (b) 1998-present
O'Mara Shane (g) 1994-present

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