Adelaide 1973-1990



If You Don't Fight You Lose         1978   12   Produced by Chris Gunn, Mark Boath and Redgum

CD      AUS   Epic 469397 2

LP      AUS   Larrikin LRF037
        AUS   Epic ELPS4184 (re-issue 1981)

Virgin Ground                       1980   10   Produced by Mark Boath and Redgum

LP      AUS   Epic ELPS4137

MC      ???   Epic EPC4137

Brown Rice And Kerosine             1981   10   Produced by John French

CD      AUS   Epic 469396 2

LP      AUS   Epic ELPS4257

Cut To The Quick                    1982    4   Produced by Redgum

EP      AUS   CBS 26527

Caught In The Act                   1983   12   Produced by Trevor Lucas

CD      AUS   Epic 462552 2 (issued 1988, 15 tracks, including "Caught In The Act" EP)

LP      AUS   Epic ELPS4371 (included "Caught In The Act" EP)

Caught In The Act                   1983    3

EP      AUS   Epic ES864 (came with "Caught In The Act" LP)

Frontline                           1984   10   Produced by Trevor Lucas

LP      AUS   Epic ELPS4428 (lyrics insert)

Everything's Legal, Anything Goes   1985   12   Produced by Hugh McDonald and Redgum

LP      AUS   Epic ELPS4512

If You Don't Fight You Lose         1985   10

LP      HOL   CBS 26527

MC      HOL   CBS 26527

Midnight Sun                        1986   10   Produced by Hugh McDonald and Michael Atkinson

CD      AUS   Epic EPCD450348 2

LP      AUS   Epic ELPS4570

The Very Best of Redgum             1987   16

LP      AUS   Epic ELPS45??
        USA   J&B JB305 (issued 1988?)

4 Play Vol 19                       1988    4

EP      AUS   Epic

CDEP                                1996    4

CD-EP   AUS   Epic 486546.2

Anthology 1976-1986                 2004   19

CD      AUS   Columbia 5190092000

Contribution to album

All Fired Up - Lost Treasures 1970-1990    2002

Session musicians

Gordon Franklin and The Wilderness Ensemble   s   Let The Franklin Flow   1983


Atkinson Michael (v,b,g,mand,p) 1973-1987
Baylor Andy (g,fiddle) 1986 The Belair Bandits, The Blue Rockets, Auto Drifters, Dancehall Racketeers, Honeydrippers, Hit and Run, The Wildcats, The Prestones, Kerri Simpson Band, Drugstore Cowboys, Cajun Combo, The Cool Healers, Stephen Grant's New Orleans Six
Boath Chris (b) 197?
Bolke Peter (b) 19?? Windjammer, Reuben Tice, The Honeydrippers, Misfits, Crackajacks, Allniters, Dancehall Racketeers, Hurricane Hearne and The Howling Tornadoes
Coleman Russel (d) 1982-1983 Sasha, Lee Walker Band, AC/DC, Stevie Wright Band, City Strutt, Streetlife, Tinsley Waterhouse Band, Wallace White and The Wingwalkers, Jump'n'Jive, Swinging Sidewalks, Yu-En, Symphony Loco
Cooney Stephen (b,didg,g,mand,banjo) 1984-1985 Mass, Mandu, Matchbox, The Bushwackers, Captain Matchbox Whoopee Band, Mark Gillespie Band, Randy and Jah Roots, Goanna
Czempinski Brian (d) 1984-1986 Brown Sugar, Superscope, Di Faulkner Band, Brian Fitzgerald Band
Deland Darryn (b,v) 1987-1990
Flett David (b) 1980-1983 King Bees, Lipp Arthur, Lipp and The Double Dekker Brothers, Armadillo, Roger Rocket and The Millionaires, Captain Matchbox Whoopee Band, Matchbox, Les Swing Modernes, Yasmin and The Tealeaves, Black Velvet, Wallace White and The Wingwalkers, Last Chance Band, Country Killed, The Fandangoes
Gifford Geoff (d) 1980-1982 The Raincoats, Nasty Nigel
McDonald Hugh (g,viol,v) 1982-1990
McLean Gordon (d) 1978-1979 Rueben Tice, Windjammer, Captain Matchbox Whoopee Band, Matchbox
McManus Louis (g) The Bushwackers, Matchbox, Captain Matchbox Whoopee Band, The Matchbox Band, No Fixed Address, John Schumann Band, Noel's Cowards, Purple Dentists, Broderick Smith Band, Qwooka, Noel Watson Band
Rafael Ray (d) 1986-
Schumann John (v,g) 1973-1985
Sender Bob (?) 1990
Spicer Michael (k) 1983-1990 Trojan Wombats
Stehlik Tom (d) 1986 Systems Go, Bank of France, Nasty Nigel and The Teenage Hellcats, Young Homebuyers, Avante Garbage, Speedboat, Crab's Cocktail Hour, Marlin Puts on a Wig, Hey Daddyo
Timms Chris (viol,bv) 1973-1982 Red Angel Panic
Truman Verity (v,flute,tin whistle) 1973-1990
Wakeford Malcolm (d) 1990 Rachette, Nitro, Marbles, Phil Jones Band, Corroboree, Stevie Wright Band, Marcia Hines Band, Ayers Rock, The Imports, Hello Hello

Sources of information: Redgum Discography by Gordon Clarke [Last updated 2 February 1998], Midnight Sun - Redgum
© Magnus Holmgren
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