The Reels

Dubbo/Sydney 1977-1983,1985-1992



The Reels                            1979   12   Produced by Mark Opitz and The Reels

LP          AUS   Mercury/PolyGram
            USA   Polydor PD-1-6275

MC          USA   Polydor CT-1-6275

Five Great Gift Ideas                1980    5   Produced by Dave Mason and Colin "Polly" Newham

Mini-LP     AUS   Mercury/PolyGram 6235 014

Quasimodo's Dream                    1981   13   Produced by The Reels

LP          AUS   Mercury/PolyGram 6437 139

MC          AUS   Mercury/PolyGram 7201 139

Beautiful                            1982

LP          AUS   K-Tel/RCA

Pitt Street Farmers                  1983    5   Produced by Tony Cohen

Mini-LP     AUS   RCA

Unreel                               1983

LP          AUS   RCA

It Must Be Love                      1985

Single      AUS   RCA

Bad Moon Rising                      1986    2   Produced by Mark Opitz

Single      AUS   Regular

Love Grows                           1987

Single      AUS   Regular

Neighbors                            1988   13   Produced by Dave Mason, Craig Hooper and Bruce Brown

CD          AUS   Regular D 19753 (issued 1993)

LP          AUS   Regular

I Don't Love You Anymore             1991

CD-Single   AUS   Regular

Bad Moon Rising (Filthy Lucre Mix)   1992

CD-Single   AUS   Regular

Requiem                              1992   15

CD          AUS   Regular


Abrahams Paul (b) 1977-1982 The Brucelanders, The Numbers
Ansel Karen (k) 1980-1982 solo-single
Bliss John (d) 1977-1982,1985-1986 Thundaband, Native Sons, The Brucelanders, The Numbers, Ya Ya Choral, Dog Trumpet
Fidock Stefan (d) 1982-1983 Romantics, Sacred Cowboys
Hooper Craig (g,k) 1977-1983,1985-1992
Mason Dave (v) 1977-1983,1985-1992
Newham Colin 'Polly' (k,sax,g) 1977-1981,1985-1992 Numbers, Ya Ya Choral, Mondo Rock
Saunders Scott (k) 1982 The Rhythm Method, Minor Fits, The Modules, Eurogliders, Deckchairs Overboard, Straight No Chaser, Bellydance, Prisoners Of Love, Melodiouos Thonk, Directions In Groove, Lisa Maxwell and The Loving Moment, Beatfish tour

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