Brisbane 1993-present



Regurgitator                               1994    5

CD-EP       AUS   Eastwest/Warner 4509997402 (2 different versions, coloured or black cd label)
            AUS   Eastwest/Warner 4509991422 (2 extra tracks "Cynicism Hypocrisy Self Pitying Isolation" and "In One Ear")

New                                        1995    5

CD-EP       AUS   Eastwest/Warner 0630117632
            USA   Subpop (issued 1996)

Tu-Plang                                   1996   14

CD          AUS   Eastwest/Warner 0630148952 (2 different versions, black or orange cd label)
            EUR   Warner
            JAP   Warner
            THA   Warner
            USA   (issued 1997)

LP          AUS   Eastwest/Warner

Unit                                       1997   13   Produced by Magoo

CD          AUS   Eastwest/Warner 3984212762
            AUS   Eastwest/Warner 3984252602 (re-issue 1998, entitled "Unit Re-Booted" with bonus CD-ROM, 4 different coloured sleeves)
            JAP   Eastwest/Warner AMCE-2595 (issued 1998)
            UK    (isuued 1998)

LP          AUS   Eastwest/Warner

Take Two                                   1998   27

Double-CD   AUS   Eastwest/Warner 8573887492 ("Tu-Plang" and "Unit Re-Booted")

...Art                                     1999   13

CD          AUS   Eastwest/Warner 3984290162
            JAP   Eastwest/Warner AMCE-7137 (issued 2000, 3 bonus tracks "Everybody Sleeps", "Shark" and "Kill Your TV")

Meets Pnau, Friendly & Sugiurumn           2000    4

EP          AUS   Eastwest/Warner 8573844060 (12")

Crush The Losers                           2000    6

CD          AUS   Eastwest/Warner 8573839352
            JAP   Eastwest/Warner AMCE-7227

Generic City Pileup                        2001   10

CD          JAP   Eastwest/Warner

Eduardo & Rodriguez Wage War On T-Wrecks   2001   14   Produced by Quan Yeomans, Ben Ely and Andy Gill

CD          AUS   Eastwest/Warner 8573879812
            JAP   Eastwest/Warner AMCE-7262 (1 bonus track "A Bug Flew In My Eye")

Jingles                                    2002   21

CD          AUS   Eastwest/Warner 0927491682

Mish Mash                                  2004   14

CD          AUS   Valve V63

Contribution to album

Fusebox                             1995
Triple J Live                       1996
To Hal And Bacharach                1998
Recovery - Ready For Transmission   1999
Get Trucked                         2000
The Power & The Passion             2001

Session musicians

Tim Finn   cds   What You've Done   2001


Ely Ben (b,g,v) 1993-present Pangaea, Broken Head, The Stalkers, Jump 2 Light Speed
Lee Martin (d) 1993-1999 Brasilia, Pseudo Echo
Yeomans Quan (g,b,v) 1993-present Zoorasteria, The Shits, Happyland

Hernandez Kristian (turntables)
Kostic Peter (d) 1999-present The Ritual, Challenger 7, Front End Loader, The Kryptonics, The Stalkers
Rudkin Shane (k) 1997-present H.U.M., Emporium

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