The Delta Revelators/The Revelators

Melbourne 1989-present



Amazing Stories                            1991   11   Produced by Joe Camilleri and James Black

CD          AUS   Sony
            AUS   Head/Shock HEAD026 (remastered re-issue 2001, 2 extra tracks, different cover)
            UK    Demon FIEND CD 729 (issued 1993, Made in France)

Double-CD   AUS   Columbia CD1/CD2 472149.9 (with The Black Sorrows Better Times)

The Adventures of The Amazing Revelators   2000   14

CD          AUS   Head/Shock HEAD015

Floating Bridge - Live At The Basement     2002   10

CD          AUS   BASE003

DVD         AUS   Warner 0927423482 (12 tracks + 3 bonus tracks)

The Revelators                             2002   13   Produced by James Black and Joe Camilleri

CD          AUS   Head/Shock HEAD031

Contribution to album

A Day On The Green - Live   2004


Black James (k,g) 1989-present
Bomba Nicky (d) 199?- Bomba
Burstin Jeff (g,mandolin) 1990-199?
Camilleri Joe (v,sax,g) 1989-present
Carranza Claude (g) 2001-2002 Kids In The Kitchen, Dorothy Moore Band, Sammy Gaha Band, The Motive (USA), Carl Stewart (USA), The Imports, Un Tabu, King Cobra, Rocky Horror Show tour, Gotta Whole Lotta Flair, Jabulani, Jive Dive Band, The Kolors, Bakes Potato, Desert Fox, Ian Moss Band, Kylie Minogue band, Jimmy Barnes band, Joe Camilleri band, Bigfoot
Creighton Joe (b,bv) 1989-present
Floyd Tony (d) 2002
Luscombe Peter (d,perc) 1989-199?
Pendlebury Andrew (g) 1990
Smith Nick (g) 1990

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