Ian Rilen



with Mick Holmes:
Songs of X-ile   1987

MC-Single   AUS   Dex

Session musician

Paul Kelly   lp   Post   1985


Space 1971/1972 Adrian Falk, Bob Gebbert, David Kain, Robert Taylor, Terry Wilson
Band Of Light 1972-1974
Blue Aliens 1975 Roy Johnson, Norm Roue
Blackfeather 1975-
Rose Tattoo 1976-1977
X 1977-1980
Sardine v 1980-1983
X 1983-1990
Illustrated Men 1984 Mick Cocks, Georgie Leach, Dallas Royal, Peter Wells
The Big Rider 1990 Cathy Green, Mark Halstead, Graham Lee, Mia Stone, Stratos
Hell To Pay 1991-1993
X 1993-,2002-
Rose Tattoo 1998
died 2006.

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