Brisbane/Sydney 1979-1983,1987-1988,1991



Sunset Strip               1979    3

Single      AUS   Able AB006 (2000 issued) (reissue of single by "The Numbers")

Tomorrow's Tears           1980    2

Single      AUS   Flat FLAT1

Swept Away                 1981    6   Produced by Graham Bidstrup

Mini-LP     AUS   Regular L20004

The Riptides               1983   11

CD          AUS   Regular D19573 (issued 1992)

LP          AUS   Regular RRLP1207

Riptides (aka Last Wave)   1983   12

LP          AUS   WEA
            UK    Beachtime Records

Resurface                  1988   19

CD          AUS   (issued 1998)

Double-LP   AUS   Mercury 832989-1

Wave Rock                  1991   11

CD          AUS   Bluedisc/Phonogram 510224-2

LP          AUS


Adams Tony (g) 1991 ---
Bidstrup Graham (d) 1987-1988
Callaghan Mark (v,g) 1979-1983,1987-1988,1991
Cantwell Dennis (d) 1979-1981 The Grudge, Neon Steel, The Go-Betweens, The Numbers
Harris J.J. (d) 1991 Seven Ballerinas, Divinyls, J.J.'s Way, Bang The Drum
Hiron Michael (g,b,v) 1981-1983,1987-1988,1991 Leftovers, Catchcry, Flaming Hands, Pineapples From The Dawn Of Time, The Plug Uglies, The Slim Guys, The Gubbs
Hutchinson Graeme (d) 1981-1983 California Poppy, Humans, The Four Gods, Out Of Nowhere, Frontier Scouts, Leftovers
Leitch Andrew (g,k) 1979-1983,1987-1988 The Myth, Catchcry
Matheson Scott (g) 1979-1981 The Grudge, Neon Steel, The Numbers, The Silhouettes, The Pop Hearts
Parkhouse Russell (k,v) 1982-1983 Monterey, Damon, Joker, Brix, Silent Movies, In Crowd, Howard I Know, Mexican Spitfires, SS Flash, The Amazing Woolloomoolosers, Dave Warner's From The Suburbs, The Five Wonders
Reilly Alan (g) 1979 The Grudge, Neon Steel, The Numbers
Shawcross Howard (b) 1982-1983 Grass Community Incorporated, Blind Lemon, Buffalo Headstand, Leroy Rat Band, Motherlode, Last Chance Cafe, Elks, Champions, Wild Blue Yonder, Dave Warner and The Happy Hookers, Howard I Know, Dave Warner's From The Suburbs, Mary Jo Starr's Drive In Motel, The Five Wonders, Ivan Zar and The Jungle Kings, The Jackals

Sources of information: GANGgajang Official Homepage, Australian Punk Rock 1976-1983, Version 3.6 - August 1994
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