Archie Roach



Charcoal Lane              1990   10   Produced by Paul Kelly and Steve Connolly

CD   AUS   Aurora/Mushroom D30386
     AUS   Mushroom MUSH32013.2
     CAN   Hightone HCD 8037 (issued 1992)

MC   AUS   Aurora/Mushroom

Jamu Dreaming              1993   11   Produced by David Bridie and John Phillips

CD   AUS   Aurora/Mushroom
     AUS   Mushroom MUSH32012.2

MC   AUS   Aurora/Mushroom

Looking For Butter Boy     1997   12   Produced by Malcolm Burn

CD   AUS   Aurora/Mushroom MUSH33008.2

Sensual Being              2002   12   Produced by Richard Pleasance and Paul Kelly


Definitive Collection   2004   18

CD   AUS   Festival

Contribution to album

Triple J Live At The Wireless       1991
Earth Music                         1994
Used And Recorded By                1995
Mushroom 25 Live                    1998
The Spirit of Christmas 1999        1999
Andrew Denton's Musical Challenge   2000
Corroboration                       2001
Cannot Buy My Soul                  2007

Session musician

Yothu Yindi    cd      Tribal Voice       1991
Tiddas         cd      Sing About Life    1993
Jimmy Barnes   cd      Flesh And Wood     1993
Ruby Hunter    cd      Thoughts Within    1994
Paul Kelly     cd      Wanted Man         1994
Neil Murray    cd      Dust               1996
Ruby Hunter    track   Island Of Dreams   1996
Telek          cd      Telek              1997
Ruby Hunter    cd      Feeling Good       2000
Soundtrack     cd      The Tracker        2002


The Deadly Band 199?- Ruby Hunter, Dave Steel, Amos Roach, Kerry Gilmartin, Archie Cuthbertson
Singers For The Red Black and Gold 1997

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