Sydney 1983-



Time Out (For Serious Fun)   1985    2

Single    AUS   Phantom/Festival

Sweat It Out                 1985    2

Maxi      AUS   True Tone

Single    AUS   True Tone 884 144-7

Rhymes                       1987    2   Produced by Robin Smith

Maxi      AUS   True Tone

Single    AUS   True Tone 888 494-7

New Groove                   1987    2   Produced by Robin Smith

Single    AUS   True Tone

Six On The Floor             1988

Mini-LP   AUS   True Tone

Tales Of The City            1988    9   Produced by The Rockmelons and Robin Smith

CD        AUS
          AUS   Mushroom MUSH32306.2

LP        AUS   True Tone TLP 790297

MC        AUS

Form One Planet              1992   ??   Produced by Rockmelons, Donovan Germain and Robyn Smith

CD        AUS   Mushroom (11 tracks?)
          AUS   Mushroom MUSH32307.2
          GER   Mushroom 74321 18493 2 (14 tracks, entitled "Stronger Together", issued 1994)


Marcia Hines   cd   Time Of Our Lives   1999
Kaylan         cd   No Commandments     2000


Dale Vincent (k) 1983-1989 Ish
Jones Byron (k,b,bv) 1983- Les Ukuleles, No Heavy Lifting, Ish
Jones Jonathon (k,g,d) 1983- Les Ukuleles, No Heavy Lifting
Medhurst Ray (k) 1983- ---

Azzopardi Mary (bv) 1987-1989 Afrika, The Rock Party, Ian Moss Band, Margaret Urlich Band, Mondo Rock
Allkins Stephen (turntable) 1985-1988 ---
Blakeley Peter (v) 1984-1987
Chick Sandi (v) 1983-1985 Johnny Batchelor Band, James Freud Band, Al and The Gators, One Franc, Fake
Hines Deni (v) 1991-1992
Kennard Peter (g,perc) 1983-1988 John Kennedy's Love Gone Wrong
Kenny John (v) 1984-1990 The Schmoos, Joe Hooker Band, The Hounds
Matthews Wendy (v) 1987-1988
Stapleton Geoff (k,g,perc) 1983-1985
Williams Doug (v) 1992- Powerhouse, My Old School, Missing In Action, Marcia Hines Band, Renee Geyer Band, Hip Hop, Duffhead, The Black Mass, Doug Williams and The Black Mass

Sources of information: Vincent Dale
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