The Rock Party

Sydney 1986



Everything To Live For   1986   3   Produced by Joe Wissert, Phil Rigger and Phil Beazley

Maxi   AUS   Polydor 885 461-1


Abeyratne Sherine (v) 1986 Grand Wazoo Band of 1000 Dances, The Editions, Bang, Big Choir, Bob Starkie Shape Up, Gospel Truth, Jo Jo Zep Band, Black Coffee, Dianna Boss and The Extremes, Big Pig, Mercy Mercy, Sherine, Sherine's X Machine
Azzopardi Mary (v) 1986 Afrika, Rockmelons, Ian Moss Band, Margaret Urlich Band, Mondo Rock
Barnum Andrew (v) 1986 The Vitabeats
Barnum Lissa (v) 1986 The Vitabeats
Barclay Michael (v) 1986
Blakeley Peter (v) 1986
Callaghan Mark (v) 1986
Conway Deborah (v) 1986
de Costa Danny (v) 1986 That's That, Ian Moss Band, Margaret Urlich Band
Finn Neil (v,g) 1986
Finn Tim (v,p) 1986
Herbert Greg (v) 1986 The Promise
Hester Paul (d) 1986
James Rob (perc) 1986 GANGgajang, The Stetsons, J.J.'s Way, The Gubbs, Makers of The Uni Voice, Wendy Matthews Band
Jones Spencer P (v) 1986
Kelly Paul (v) 1986
Kelly Sean (v) 1986
Kennedy John (v) 1986
Mombassa Reg (sl g) 1986 Mental As Anything, The Stetsons, Reg and Pete's Dog Trumpet
Morris Jenny (v) 1986
Plaza Martin (v) 1986
Rayner Eddie (k) 1986
Seymour Nick (b) 1986 The Romantics, The Glory Boys, Scratch Record Scratch, Plays With Marionettes, Bang, Horla, The Mullanes, Crowded House, Chris Bailey Combo, Deadstar
Stapleton Geoff (perc) 1986
Susz Robert (v) 1986 Elks, Dynamic Hepnotics, Rugcutters, Humdinger Dogs, Champions, Mighty Repears of Vegeance, The Mighty Reapers
Swinn Rick (v) 1986 Vemetians, The Gubbs

Sources of information: Stefan Warnqvist
© Magnus Holmgren
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