Tim Rogers



Tim Rogers & The Twin Set:
What Rhymes With Cars And Girls   1999   11   Produced by Tim Rogers and Jen Anderson

CD   AUS   rA

Tim Rogers & The Temperance Union:
Spit Polish                       2004   12

CD   AUS   Festival 337922

Ghost Songs/Dirty Ron             2005   19


with Tex Perkins:
My Better Half                    2006   13

CD   AUS   Universal

Contribution to album

No Guts, No Glory          199?
Dirty Deeds (Soundtrack)   2002


Love Me   cd   Love Me                    1996
Various   cd   Dirty Deeds (Soundtrack)   2002

Session musician

Hoodoo Gurus      cd   Blue Cave           1996
Lisa Miller       cd   Version Originale   2003
Nick Barker       cd   C-Sides             2005
Jimmy Barnes      cd   Double Happiness    2005
Rebecca Barnard   cd   Fortified           2006
Kasey Chambers    cd   Carnival            2006


You Am I 1989-present
Tim Rogers and The Twin Set 1999

Members (The Twin Set)

Anderson Jen (viol) 1999
Dastey Sally (bv) 1999
Kittney Ian (d) 1999
Speed Stuart (b) 1999

Members (The Temperance Union)

Kittney Ian (d) 2004-
Lawler Pete (b) 2005-
O'Mara Shane (g) 2004-
Rogers Tim (v,g) 2004-
Speed Stuart (b) 2004-2005

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