Romeo Dog




Romeo Dog   1996   13

CD   GER   Down South Records DS 9-502-2


Anderson Andy (v,g) 1996 Two Bit Thief (USA), Attitude Adjustment (USA)
Cichon Andy (b,bv) 1996 Innocents, Rose Tattoo, Swanee, James Reyne Band, Judge Mercy, Shania Twain Band (USA)
De Soto Lucy (p,bv) 1996
O'Shea Mick (d,bv) 1996 Forever 15, John Swan Band, Chris Turner Big Rock Band, Swanee, Alex Smith Band, Mama's Darlings, Sons Of Steel, The Tom Cats, Judge Mercy, Alex Smith and The Volunteers, Alex Smith and DBM
Wells Peter (v,sl g) 1996

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