Rose Tattoo

Melbourne 1976-1987,1992-1993,1998-



Bad Boy For Love/Snow Queen          1977    2

Single      AUS   Albert AP 11560
            NZL   Albert Z 10009 (issued 1978?)

Rose Tattoo                          1978   10   Produced by Vanda and Young

CD          AUS   Albert 465278 2
            AUS   Albert 477049 2 (re-issue)
            GER   Repertoire REP 4010-WZ
            GER   Repertoire RR 4103 (re-issue 1990, 8 bonus tracks)

LP          AUS   Albert APLP.032
            CAN   Mirrage XWTG 19280 (issued 1980)
            ESP   WEA S 90.350 (issued 1981)
            FRA   Epic EPC 84799 (issued 1981)
            GER   WEA 58 144 (issued 1980)
            GER   Repertoire RR 2024-LX (issued 1989, limited edition with 2 bonus tracks)
            IRL   WEA 58 144 (issued 1980)
            ITA   WEA S 90.350 (issued 1980)
            UK    Carrere CAL 125 (issued 1981, entitled "Rock 'n' Roll Outlaw")
            UK    Streetlink STRLP 002 (issued 1990, limited numbered edition 1000 copies, red vinyl, entitled "Rock 'n' Roll Outlaw")
            USA   Mirrage WTG 19280 (issued 1980)

Assault and Battery                  1981   10   Produced by Vanda and Young

CD          AUS   Albert 465276 2
            GER   Repertoire REP 4011-WZ

LP          AUS   Albert APLP.049
            CAN   Mirrage XWTG 19312
            ESP   WEA S 90.467
            FRA   Epic EPC 85232 (issued 1981)
            GER   WEA 58 359
            GER   Repertoire (issued 1990)
            GRE   WEA 58 359
            JAP   Mirrage P-11101A (OBI, insert with lyrics)
            NZL   Albert APLP.049
            UK    Carrere CAL 127 (bonustrack; "I Had You First"?)
            UK    Streetlink STRLP 003 (issued 1990, limited numbered edition 1000 copies, red vinyl)
            USA   Mirrage WTG 19312

MC          AUS   Albert

Scarred For Life                     1982   10   Produced by Vanda and Young

CD          AUS   Albert 465277 2
            GER   Repertoire REP 4049-WZ

LP          AUS   Albert APLP.056
            CAN   Mirrage 90022-1
            FRA   Epic EPC 25181
            GER   WEA 24.0028-1
            GER   Repertoire RR 2049-LX (issued 1990)
            NZL   Albert APLP.056
            UK    Carrere CAL 144
            UK    Carrere CALP 144 (picture disc)
            UK    Streetlink STRLP 004 (issued 1990, limited numbered edition 1000 copies, red vinyl, 1 bonus track)
            USA   Mirrage 90022-1

Southern Stars                       1984   10   Produced by Vanda and Young

CD          AUS   Albert 465275 2
            GER   Repertoire REP 4050-WZ

LP          AUS   Albert APLP.431063
            GER   WEA 240 569-1
            GER   Repertoire RR 2050-LH (issued 1990)
            NZL   Albert APLP.063
            UK    Streetlink STRLP 005 (issued 1990, limited numbered edition 1000 copies, red vinyl)

MC          AUS   Albert

Angry Metal                          1984   XX

CD          GER   Repertoire REP 4309-WG (20 tracks)

LP          GER
            GER   Repertoire RR-2010-DL (issued 1989)

History                              1985

LP          AUS   Albert

Their Greatest Hits                  1985   16

LP          AUS   Dino DINO50

A Decade Of Rock                     1986   14

CD          AUS   Albert 465279 2

LP          AUS   Albert APLP 431067
            AUS   Albert 465279 1 (re-issue)
            NZL   Albert APLP.065

Beats From A Single Drum             1986   10   Produced by Kevin Beamish

CD          AUS

LP          AUS   Mushroom RML 53217
            EUR   (released under the name "Angry Anderson")
            FRA   Accord 101591 (issued 1987)
            NZL   Mushroom RML 38741

MC          AUS

Nice Boys Don't Play Rock 'n' Roll   1992   15

CD          AUS   Albert 472469 2
            AUS   Albert (re-issue 1998)

MC          AUS   Albert 472469 4

Never Too Loud                       1996   36

Double-CD   GER   Repertoire REP 4601-WO

All Hell Broke Loose                 1998

CD-Single   AUS   Albert

25 To Life                           2000   17   Produced by Rainer Hansel

Double-CD   GER   SPV

Double-LP   GER   SPV 089-72091

Pain                                 2002   16   Produced by Rainer Hansel

CD          GER   SPV

Blood Brothers                       2007

CD          AUS   Armageddon

shared with Cole Paterson:
Release Legalise                     1980    2

Single      AUS   Repeal PRS.2724 (limited edition of 500 copies)

Contribution to album

Boogie, Balls and Blues Vol.1                1987
Gimme Ted - The Ted Mulry Benefit Concerts   2003


Anderson Angry (v) 1976-1987,1992-1993,1998-present
Balbi Steve (b) 1984-1985 Rufus Red, Rupert B, Kevin Borich Express, Noiseworks, Electric Hippies, Universe
Bowman Robert (d) 1984
Cichon Andy (b,p,k,bv) 1985-1986 Innocents, Swanee, James Reyne Band, Judge Mercy, Romeo Dog, Shania Twain Band (USA)
Cocks Mick (g,b,bv) 1976-1981,1992-1993,1998,1999 Heaven, Head Hunters, Illustrated Men, Wild Colonial Boys, Rolling Clones, Heart Attack, Swanee, Peter Wells Band
DeMarco Paul (d) 1992-1993,1998-present
Gaze Tim (sl g) 1985-1987
Johnston Scott (d) 1983-1984,1985-1986 Jimmy and The Boys, Outline, Kids In The Kitchen, Mama's Darlings, Peter Wells Band
Jordan Greg (sl g) 1983-1985 The Asthmatics, Paris Green, Plus, solo-album, Introduction to Mathematical Philosophy, Hooligans
King Steve (b) 2000-present
Landt Jake (b) 1987
Leach Geordie (b) 1977-1979,1980-1984,1992-1993,1999 Buster Brown, Wild Beaver Band, Illustrated Men, Chris Turner Band, Dirt, Southern Lightning, Phil Para Band, The Giants
Loyde Lobby (b) 1979/1980
Melleck Richard (k) 1987 Tin Soldier, Shauna Jensen Band, The Zappas
Meyer John (g) 1983-1985 Fatty Lumpkin, Huckleberry, Rudi and The Aardvarks, Ssarb, Lucy Crown, Shelter, Everest, Saracen, Chain, Swanee, Sharon O'Neill, Late For Dinner, John Meyer Band
Rilen Ian (b) 1976-1977,1998
Riley Rob (g) 1981-1983,2000-present Mother Goose, Lois Lane, Red House, Hurricane, Dallimore, Kevin Borich Express, The Beast, Party Boys, Reckless Intent, Jimmy Barnes Band, Mega Boys, Rob Riley and The Rubettes, The Gems, Stallion, Mother's Little Helpers, The Best, Mama's Darlins, Sons Of Steel, Angry Anderson Band
Royal Dallas (d) 1976-1983 Reeb Revol, Salty Dog, McAskill, Levi Smith's Clefs, Band Of Talabene, Buster Brown, Illustrated Men, Chris Turner Band. died 1991
Wells Peter (sl g) 1976-1983,1992-1993,1998-2006

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