Bic Runga



Drive                         1995    5

CD-EP   NZL    Epic 483666.2

Drive                         1997   11   Produced by Bic Runga

CD      ASIA   Columbia 488580.2 (different asian cover)
        AUS    Columbia 488580.2 (issued 1998)
        AUT    Columbia COL 488580 2 (issued 1998)
        JAP    Epic ESCA 7308 (issued 1998, different japanese cover, 2 extra tracks)
        NZL    Columbia 488580.2
        NZL    Columbia 488580.9 (issued 1999, UK cover, limited collectors edition with bonus 6-track disc)
        UK     Epic (issued 1998, different cover)
        USA    Columbia (issued 1998)

Beautiful Collision           2002   12   Produced by Bic Runga

CD      AUS    Columbia
        NZL    Columbia
        NZL    Columbia 5084039000 (limited edition with bonus 7-track disc)

Live in Concert               2003   11

CD      NZL    Columbia 5148132000 (with the Christchurch Symphony)

Birds                         2006   11

CD      AUS
        AUS   (tour edition with bonus 5-track Live EP)

with Dave Dobbyn and Tim Finn:
Together In Concert Live      2000   15   Produced by Malcolm Welsford

CD      AUS    (issued 2001)
        NZL    CRS Records 5011402000

Contribution to album

The Underwater Melon Man        1999
The Women At The Well           2002
New Music Live From The Panel   2004

Session musician

Paul Kelly   cd    Nothing But A Dream   2001

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