The Runners

Melbourne 1980-



Sure Fire Thing         1982    2   Produced by Beeb Birtles

Single   AUS   Mushroom

Hook Line and Sinker    1982    2

Single   AUS   Mushroom

Hitting The Wall        1983

LP       AUS   Mushroom

Twins                   1984    2

Single   AUS   Mushroom

Ronnie Charles and The Runners:
Rock And Roll Hoodlum   1980

Single   AUS   Full Moon


Annas John (d) 1983 Atlas, Gypsy c, Shadowfax, Kevin Borich Express, Marc Hunter and The Romantics, Broderick Smith's Big Combo, Stuart and McKay, The Spaniards, Kitto, Phil Para Band
Barclay Michael (d) 1983-1984
Brosnan Tim (g) 1983-1984 Millionaires, True Wheels, The Romantics, Squeaky Girls, Paul Kelly and The Dots, The Zimmermen, The Little Murders, The Rocking Love Gods, Dirt, The Hole, Slub, The Lost Weekend
Bulpin Randy (g) 1984 Toads, Northwind, Hot Club, Nellie Packer Band, Mondo Rock, James Freud and Berlin, Darryl Cotton Band, Aliens, Brave Men, The Fabs, Ian Moss Band, King Bees, Fresh, Broderick Smith Band
Edwards Mark (v,g) 1980-1984
Greig Mark (g,k) 1982,1983-1984
Hamston Grant (d) 1980-1983 Breeze, Brave Men, Steve Hoy and The Hoy Boys, The Blue Healers, The Glee Club
Harvey Tony (g) 1984 Airport, Teenage Radio Stars, James Freud's Ego, Taxi, The Ones, Gimix, Wendy and The Rockets, Let's Dance, Callboys
McNaughton Paul (b) 1980-1984
Northam Paul (g,b) 1984 MEO 245, Luxury Device
Price Lester (k) 1980-1982 Numatics, Weekend Rockstars
Reading Trevor (g) 1980-1983 City, Weekend Rockstars, Richard Clapton Band, Brent Paralane Band, Sweethearts, Bobby Valentine and The Sweethearts, Russell Morris Band

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