Sacred Cowboys

Melbourne 1982-1985,1987-1991,1994-1997



Nothing Grows in Texas           1982    2

Single    AUS   White

Bangkok                          1983    2

Single    AUS

Sacred Cowboys                   1983    6   Produced by Tony Cohen

Mini-LP   AUS   White

Sacred Cowboys                   1984   10

LP        FRA   New Rose

We Love You... Of Course We Do   1985    9   Produced by Tony Cohen

LP        AUS   Man Made

Trouble From Providence          1988    9   Produced by Mark Ferrie, Terry Doolan, Martin Armiger, Tony Cohen and Sacred Cowboys

CD        GER   Normal CGAS 808 CD (15 tracks)

LP        AUS   Citadel
          GER   Normal

Black City 1982-1993             1994    7

CD        AUS   Siren

Things To Come                   1996   11

CD        AUS   Greasy Pole/Shock

Below The Belt Live 1982         2003

CD        ???   e-pop


Doolan Terry (g) 1982-1985,1987-1991,1994-1997 The Fizztops, Beasts of Bourbon, The Gospel According to St Kilda, The Leisure Makers, The Slaughtermen
Ferrie Mark (b,g) 1982-1985,1987-1991,1994-1997
Fidock Stefan (d) 1987-1991,1994-1997 Reels, Romantics
Forrest Ian (k) 1982-1983,1990-1991 Babeez, True Wheels, 3 Toad Sloths, Jika Jika, Modern Jazz, Artificial Limbs
Freidenfelds Janis (d) 1982-1985 JAB, The Models, Beasts of Bourbon, The Slaughtermen, Tombstone Hands
Gray Garry (v) 1982-1985,1987-1991,1994-1997
Ikinger Penny (g) 1996-1997
Jones Spencer P (g) 1994-1995
Picouleau Andrew (b) 1982-1984 Routinos, Secret Police, Metronomes, Pop Gun Men, X Raz Y, Mensland, Pete Best Beatles, Cruel Poddies, Free Mexican Airforce, Dave Graney and The Coral Snakes
Reishbeth Nick (b) 1984-1985,1987-1991 Sharks, Peter Lillee Band, Relaxed Mechanics, The Traitors, Pagan Idols, Red Skeletons, Love and Crackers, Romantics, The Hold, Busload of Faith
Wednesday Ash () 1987
Wheelan Chris (k) 1983

Sources of information: Garry Gray
© Magnus Holmgren
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