The Saints

Brisbane 1973-1978,1979-1982,1984-1988,1991
Europe 1996-present



I'm Stranded/No Time                          1976    2   Produced by Mark Moffatt

Single          AUS   Fatal Records MA7158 (no PS)
                AUS   EMI 11346 (re-issue 1977)
                HOL   Philips 6198 120
                UK    Power Exchange PX242
                USA   Sire 1005

I'm Stranded                                  1977   10   Produced by Rod Coe

CD              AUS   EMI CDMID 166130
                AUS   EMI 8319782 (re-issue?)
                USA   Triple-X 51243-2 (issued 1997)

LP              AUS   EMI EMC 2570
                CAN   Sire
                FRA   EMI
                HOL   EMI
                SWE   EMI 062-82359
                UK    Harvest SHSP4065
                USA   Sire SRK-3049

MC              SWE   EMI 262-82359

One, Two, Three, Four                         1977    4

Double-Single   UK    Harvest 2HAR5137

EP              AUS   EMI 11597 (issued 1977)
                UK    Harvest HAR5137 (re-issue 1977)

Eternally Yours                               1978   13   Produced by Chris Bailey and Edmund Kuepper

CD              AUS   EMI CDMID 166131
                FRA   Fan Club FC035CD (issued 1987, 1 bonus track "Do The Robot")
                USA   Triple-X 51244-2 (issued 1997)

LP              AUS   Harvest SHSP4078
                FRA   Fan Club FC035
                UK    Harvest SHSP4078
                USA   Sire SRK-6055

Prehistoric Sounds                            1978   12   Produced by Chris Bailey and Edmund Kuepper

CD              AUS   EMI CDMID 166132 (1 bonus track, "Googengeimer Blues")
                FRA   Fan Club FC036CD (issued 1987, 4 bonus tracks)

LP              AUS   Harvest SHSP4094
                FRA   Fan Club FC036
                UK    Harvest SHSP4094

Paralytic Tonight, Dublin Tomorrow            1980    5   Produced by Chris Bailey

EP              AUS   Lost Records PRS 2773

Mini-LP         FRA   New Rose NEW 1

The Monkey Puzzle                             1981   11   Produced by Chris Bailey and Gerry Nixon

CD              AUS
                AUS   Mushroom MUSH32399.2
                FRA   New Rose ROSE1CD (5 bonus tracks; "Paralytic Tonight, Dublin Tomorrow" EP)

LP              AUS   Lost Records YPRX 1806
                FRA   New Rose ROSE 1

Prehistoric Songs                             1981   14

LP              FRA   Harvest 2C 068 07483

Casablanca                                    1982   11   Produced by Ricardo Mentalban

CD              AUS
                AUS   Mushroom MUSH32400.2
                FRA   New Rose ROSE11CD (entitled "Out In The Jungle", 5 bonus tracks; "Paralytic Tonight, Dublin Tomorrow" EP)

LP              AUS   Lost Records YPRX 1968
                FRA   New Rose ROSE 11 (entitled "Out In The Jungle")

MC              AUS

A Little Madness To Be Free                   1984   11   Produced by Lurax Debris (Chris Bailey)

CD              AUS   Mushroom
                AUS   Mushroom MUSH32398.2
                FRA   New Rose ROSE 38CD (missing "Wrapped Up And Blue", 10 bonus tracks; the "Live In A Mud Hut" LP missing the song "Know Your Product")

LP              AUS   RCA VPL 10437
                AUS   Mushroom L 38872 (re-issue 1987)
                FRA   New Rose ROSE 38 (issued 1985, missing "Wrapped Up And Blue")

MC              AUS

Live In A Mud Hut                             1985   11   Produced by Mugumbo

LP              FRA   New Rose ROSE 55

All Fools Day                                 1986   12   Produced by Hugh Jones

CD              AUS   Mushroom D19355
                AUS   Mushroom MUSH32475.2

LP              AUS   Mushroom L 38522
                AUS   Mushroom (re-issue 1987, different cover)
                UK    Polydor POLD 5203

MC              AUS   Mushroom
                UK    Polydor POLDC 5203

Best Of The Saints                            1986

LP              ???   Razor RAZ 21

Prodigal Son                                  1988   11   Produced by Chris Bailey, Brian McGee and Vanda/Young

CD              AUS   Mushroom D38890
                AUS   Mushroom MUSH32401.2
                CAN   Attic ACD 1260

LP              AUS   Mushroom L 38890
                UK    Mushroom MRILP 001 (different tracks) (issued 1989)

Scarce Saints - Hymns Of Oblivion 1977-1981   1989   20

CD              AUS   Raven RVCD 04

LP              AUS   Raven RVLP 40

Box Set                                       1989

10-LP-BOX       AUS   Mushroom MEX 001

The Bootleg Album                             1990   10   Produced by Chris Bailey, Geoff Watson, Tim Ryan and Simon Leadley

CD              AUS   Mushroom (issued 1991, entitled "Permanent Revolution")

LP              AUS   Mushroom MEX 001 1 (part of "Box Set")

The New Rose Years                            1990   17

CD              FRA   Fan Club FC 060 CD

LP              FRA   Fan Club FC 060

MC              FRA   Fan Club FC 060

Songs Of Salvation And Sin 1976-1988          1990   22

CD              AUS   Raven RVCD-09

LP              AUS   Raven RVLP 45

MC              AUS   Raven

The Most Primitive Band In the World          1995   10

CD              AUS   Hot Records CDHOT 1053

LP              AUS   Hot

Howling                                       1996   12   Produced by The Saints

CD              GER   Blue Rose BLUCD 029 (digipak)


Know Your Product (The Best Of)               1996   22

CD              UK    EMI EMIP 537792

I'm Stranded/Eternally Yours                  199?

Double-CD       AUS   EMI (limited edition)

Everybody Knows The Monkey                    1998   12   Produced by Chris Bailey and Martin Hennel

CD              AUS   (issued 1999)
                FRA   Last Call Records 3037772 ARC334
                USA   Amsterdamned 70019-2

7799 - Big Hits On The Underground            1999   39

CD              FRA   Last Call 3051512

Wild About You 1976-1978                      2000   47

Double-CD       AUS

Spit The Blues Out                            2000   12   Produced by Lurax Debris (Chris Bailey)

CD              AUS   (issued 2001, 5 bonus live tracks)
                FRA   Last Call 3063722

All Times Through Paradise                    2004   79

4-CD-BOX        AUS   EMI (first three albums with bonus tracks + live 1977)

Nothing Is Straight In My House               2005   12

CD              FRA   Cadiz

Imperious Delirium                            2006   11   Produced by The Saints

CD              FRA   Cadiz CADIZCD103

The Greatest Cowboy Movie Never Made          2006

CD-BOX          ???   (3 albums + EP + live-CD)

Cabaret At The Roundhouse, live 1977          2006   13

CD              FRA   Cadiz

The Saints and Chris Bailey:
Rarities                                      1999   18

CD              HOL   Firewood Records 1298


Bailey Chris (v,g,org) 1973-1978,1979-1982,1984-1988,1991,1996-present
Balmanno Doug (b) 1975
Bayliss Michael (b) 1996-???? Mox Mox
Birmingham Mark (d) 1980-1981
Bjerregaard Marty (d) 1996-????
Bradshaw Kym (b) 1975-1977 The Small Hours (UK)
Burgman Richard (g) 1985 Freelance, Shy Imposters, The Sunnyboys, Coupe de Ville, Shots in the Dark, James Griffin and The Subterraneans, The Joeys, Weddings, Parties, Anything, Da Brudders
Burnham Chris (g) 1982,1989 Moby Dick, Supernaut, Nauts, This Condition, This is This, Stupidity
Callaway Bruce (g) 1979-1980
Callaway Cab (g) 1979-1981 Teddies, X Men, The New Christs, Coupe De Ville
Chiofalo Joe (k) 1987-1988,1991 New Yawk New Yawk
Cuffe Laurie (g) 1982-1983 Cuban Heels (UK)
Elliott Louise (sax) 1985 The Layabouts, Jay and The Cockroaches, Laughing Clowns, Tap Dance, James Griffin and The Subterraneans, Kings Of The World
Erez Dror (k) 1991 Identities, Chris Bailey Combo, The Drawcards, Rose Amongst Thorns, Sherine, Crown Of Thorns, Blackmale, Vika Bull Band
Faehse Tony (g) 1991 Alvin Stardust (UK), Music Express, Fahrenheit, Jo Jo Zep and The Falcons, Hi Tones, Henry and The Immortals, Ramblin' Rose, Ram Band
Faulkner Andy (g) 1996-????
Francis Barry (g) 1979
Hall Janine (b) 1979-1982,1984-1985 Young Charlatans, The Teddies, Skolars, Wolfgang, James Griffin and The Subterraneans, Weddings, Parties, Anything, Kings Of The World, The Lost Weekend, Red Dress
Hay Ivor (d,k,b,org) 1973-1978,1981,1985-1987 The Hitmen, Angie Pepper Group, Wildlife Documentaries, Chris Boy King and The Kamloops Swing
Jones Peter (d) 1991
Jörnvill Andreas (d) 1996
Kuepper Ed (g) 1973-1978
LaRizza Arturo (b) 1986-1989,2002,2004 The Distressed Innocents, The Noise, Innocents, Midnight Specials, The Shivers, Love and Squalor, Chris Bailey and The General Dog, Chuck Skatt and his Icecream Hands
Mysterio Laurie (d) 1974-1975
Nyström Eddie (g) 2002-2004
Pew Tracey (b) 1984 Boys Next Door, Birthday Party, Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds
Shedden Iain (d) 1982,1984-1985,1988-1990,2002,2004 The Small Hours (UK), Chris Bailey and The General Dog, The Jolt
Täck Joakim (b) 1996
Walsh Ian (g) 1996
Ward Alistair (b) 1977-1978 The Damned (UK), Tank (UK)
Wegener Jeffrey (d) 1977-1978 Streetlife, Last Words, Out Of Nowhere, Laughing Clowns, The Birthday Party, The Young Charlatans, Immortal Souls
Wieslander Mons (g) 1996
Wijnberg Caspar (b) 2004-present
Wilkinson Peter (d) 1999-????,2004-present
Willson-Piper Marty (g) 2004-2005

Sources of information: Ed Kuepper Homepage, Stefan Warnqvist, Paul Baird, Vince Simonetti, Australian Punk Rock 1976-1983, Version 3.6 - August 1994, The Saints Site, New Rose Records Homepage
© Magnus Holmgren
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