Sardine v

Sydney 1980-1983



Sabotage     1981    2   Produced by Lobby Loyde and Damien Lovelock

Single    AUS   EMI Custom
          AUS   White (re-issue 1982)

I Hate You   1983    5

Mini-LP   AUS   Phantom


Dunlop Stuart (b) 1982-1983 ---
Hall Phil (b) 1980-1982 Socket Set, Drop Bears, The Joeys, Curious (Yellow), Lime Spiders, Roddy Rayda and The Surfin' Caesars, Grapefruit
Lloyd John (d) 1982 Relaxed Mechanics, Peter Lillee Band, Spanners, The Cruisers, High Rise Bombers, Paul Kelly and the Dots, Icehouse, The Chrysalids, The Good Intentions
Pigott Johanna (b) 1982
Price Barton (d) 1981-1982
Rilen Ian (v,g) 1980-1983
Rilen Stephanie (v,k) 1980-1983 ---
Rossi Craig (b,d) 1982-1983 Box of Fish, King Snake Roost
Skehill Greg (d) 1980-1981 The Headhunters

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