Conway Savage



Conway Savage           1993    4

CD-EP   AUS   Torn & Frayed TORN CD 2

Nothing Broken          2000   10

CD      AUS   Beheaded Communications BEH 02
        EUR   (issued 2002)

Wrong Man's Hands       2004

CD      AUS   Beheaded Communications

with Suzie Higgie:
Soon Will Be Tomorrow   1998   10

CD      AUS   Anchor and Hope/Shock AH004CD
        UK    Lion Milk (issued 2000)
        UK    Worls Serpent/LMM (re-issue 2000)


Acuff's Rose   cd   Son Of The North Wind   1995
The Stream     cd   Origin                  1998

Session musician

Harem Scarem                   lp     Pilgrim's Progress            1986
Honeymoon in Green             lp     Angels Bringing               1987
Nick Barker and The Reptiles   lp     Goin' To Pieces               1989
Crown Of Thorns                cd     Babylon                       1990
Blue Ruin                      cd     I'm Gonna Smile               1990
David McComb                   cdep   The Message                   1991
Weddings Parties Anything      cd     Difficult Loves               1992
Robert Forster                 cd     I Had A New York Girlfriend   1994
Spencer P. Jones               cd     Rumour Of Death               1994
Astrid Munday                  cd     Apparition                    2000


Happy Orphans 1980-1981 Jim White
Scrap Museum 1980-1981 Changed name to Blue Ruin in 1985
Feral Dinosaurs 1982-1986 Jim White
Dave Last and The Legendary Boy Kings 1988 Shane Walsh, Bruce Kane
Conway Savage and The Deep South 1989 Rod Hayward, Jim White
Dave Graney and The White Buffalos 1989-1990
The Great Temptation 198?
Dust On The Bible
Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds 1990-present
Maurice Frawley and The Working Class Ringos 1998-

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