John Sayers



Gingerbread Men     s     Gingerbread Men                     1968
Gingerbread Revue   s     Less Of Me                          1969
Chain               lp    Towards The Blues                   1971
Brian Cadd          lp    Brian Cadd                          1972
Jeff St John        lp    Live                                1972
Kerrie Biddell      lp    Kerrie Biddell                      1973
Rod Kirkman         s                                         1973
Matt Taylor         lp    Straight As A Die                   1973
Greg Quill          lp    The Outlaw's Reply                  1975
Pantha              lp    Do Way Do                           1975
Benjamin Hugg       lp    What's Been Happening               1976
Southern Cross      lp    Southern Cross                      1976
Australia           lp    Maiden Australia                    1976
Radio Birdman       ep    Burn My Eye                         1976
Radio Birdman       lp    Radios Appear                       1977
Ray Burton          lp    Dreamers And Nightflyers            1978
Jeff St John        lp    So Far So Good                      1978
Soundtrack          lp    Coolangatta Gold                    197?
Linda Gray          lp    Our Day Will Come                   197?
Jimmy Little        lp    Baby Blue                           197?
Mark Gillespie      lp    Only Human                          1980
Mi-Sex              lp    Shanghaied!                         1981
Jim Keays           s     Lucifer Street                      1981
Mark Gillespie      lp    Sweet Nothing                       1982
The Motivators      lp    The Motivators                      1982
Jim Keays           lp    Red On The Meter                    1983
Mondo Rock          lp    The Modern Bop                      1984
Bahloo              12"   Keep Sailing On                     1988
Troy Cassar Daley   cd    Beyond The Dancing                  1995
Cam Fletcher        cd    Kickin Up Dirt                      1997
Jimmy Little        cd    Yorta Yorta Man                     199?
Jade Hurley         cd    Life - Wouldn't Be Dead For Quids   199?
Tracey Fogarty      cd    Playing to Win                      199?
Kerry McInerney     cd    Fools Game                          199?
Spot The Dog        cd    Drunk On The Moon                   199?
The Spencer Band    cd    This is Now                         1998
Rough Red           cd    Living in Australia                 199?


The Defenders 1966

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