Scattered Aces

? 1984



Six Pack          1984   6

Mini-LP   AUS   Big Rock BR/EP004

C'mon Everybody   1984   2

Single    AUS   Big Rock BRS-003


DeMarco Paul (d) 1983-1984
Peel Ronnie (b,v) 1983-1984
Turner Chris (g) 1983-1984 Consorts (UK), The Action, Drain, Buffalo, Rockwell T. James and The Rhythm Aces, Ten Years After, Chris Turner Band, Man O War, F.J. Holden, Turner,Wells and Royal, Jeff St. John tour, All Star Band, Slightly Shadey, Chris Turner's Big Rock Band, BB Strutt, Lucy De Soto Band, The Tom Cats
Wells Peter (g) 1983-1984
Zeppelin Fred aka Paul DeMarco

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