The Scientists

Perth 1978-1981
Sydney 1981-1987



Frantic Romantic                   1979    2

Single    AUS   DNA SMX-46960 (only 1000 made)

The Scientists                     1980    4

EP        AUS   White Rider WEEP-1

The Scientists                     1981   13

LP        AUS   White Rider/EMI Custom HAVE-1 (pink sleeve, 1000 made)
          AUS   Easter ISLE1 (YPRX1835) (re-release 1986, purple and yellow sleeves, 1000 made of each)

(This Is My) Happy Hour            1982    2

Single    AUS   AuGoGo ANDA 025 (4 different pressings)

Blood Red River                    1983    6   Produced by C. Logan

Mini-LP   AUS   AuGoGo ANDA 027 (first copies with limited edition poster)

When Worlds Collide                1983    2

Single    AUS   AuGoGo ANDA 031 (gig giveaway)

MC-Single AUS   AuGoGo (gig giveaway)

We Had Love                        1983    2

Single    AUS   AuGoGo ANDA 029

This Heart Doesn't Run On Blood,   1984    5   Produced by Peter Watts
This Heart Doesn't Run On Love

Mini-LP   AUS   AuGoGo ANDA 032

Demolition Derby                   1985    4

EP        BEL   Soundwork SW12007

Atom Bomb Baby                     1985    7   Produced by Peter Watts

Mini-LP   AUS   AuGoGo ANDA 037
          UK    AuGoGo/Cartel ANDA 037

Heading For A Trauma               1985   11   Produced by Peter Watts

LP        AUS   AuGoGo ANDA 039
          AUS   AuGoGo ANDA 039 (different coloured cover, green vinyl, insert)

Rubber Never Sleeps                1985   18

MC        AUS

You Only Live Twice                1985    2

Single    UK    Karbon KAR 007

You Get What You Deserve           1985   10

LP        UK    Karbon KAR 101-L

Weird Love                         1986   12

LP        UK    Karbon KAR 103-L
          USA   Big Time 6016-1-B

MC        USA   Big Time 6016-4

Human Jukebox                      1987    7

Mini-LP   UK    Karbon KAR 105-L

The Sweetcorn Sessions             1988    6

Mini-LP   AUS   Timberyard SAW005 (1000 copies)
          AUS   Timberyard SAW005 (re-release 1989 as "Pissed On Another Planet", pink vinyl)

Absolute                           1991   16

CD        AUS   Red Eye RED 23
          USA   Sub Pop SP106

LP        AUS   Red Eye RED 23 (12 tracks)

MC        USA   Sub Pop SP106

Blood Red River 1982-1984          2000   15

CD        AUS   Citadel CITCD5432

The Human Jukebox 1984-1986        2001

CD        AUS   Citadel

Contribution to album

Triple J - The Nine O'Clock Muse           1984
Vera Groningen: Beauty In The Underworld   1990
Triple J - Studio 22                       2002


Baker James (d) 1978-1981,1995
Byrne Dennis (b) 1979 Tiger Mountain Band, Paper Dolls, Rising Sons, Heart Start
Chock Leanne (d) 1985-1986 ---
Coombes Nick (d) 1986-1987 Secret Lives
Hertz Phil (d) 1985 ---
Juniper Ben (g,v) 1979-1980,1995 ---
Radalj Roddy (g) 1978-1979
Rixon Brett (d) 1981-1985,1987 Screaming Fits, Louie Louie, The Beasts of Bourbon
Salmon Kim (v,g) 1978-1981,1981-1987,1995
Sharples Ian (b,bv) 1979-1981,1995 Secret Lives, Elroy Flicker and The Houserockers
Sudjovic Boris (b) 1978,1981-1986 The Exterminators, The Invaders, The Rockets, The Beasts of Bourbon, James Baker Experience, The Adorable Ones, The Dubrovniks
Thewlis Tony (g) 1981-1987 Helicopters, The Aligators, The Resistants, The Beasts of Bourbon, The Punjabbers, Interstellar Villains

Sources of information: Discography of The Scientists and Kim Salmon Version 5 February 1997, David Gerard, Henkie Penkie, Australian Punk Rock 1976-1983, Version 3.6 - August 1994, Kim Salmon Discography, Richard Miles
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