The Screaming Jets

Newcastle 1989-2001,2004-present



All For One          1991   12   Produced by Steve James

CD      AUS   rooArt 9031776522
        GER   rooArt 848 441-2

LP      GER   rooArt 848 441-1

MC      GER   rooArt 848 441-4

Stealth              199?

CD-EP   AUS   rooArt?

Tear Of Thought      1992   12   Produced by Steve James

CD      AUS   rooArt 4509906782
        GER   rooArt
        UK    rooArt
        USA   Atlantic 92270-2

The Screaming Jets   1995   12   Produced by Screaming Jets and Robbie Adams

CD      AUS   rooArt 06301 16002

World Gone Crazy     1997   ??   Produced by Steve James

CD      AUS   BMG

Hits And Pieces      1999   18

CD      AUS   (initial copies with 8-track bonus disc)

Scam                 2000   14   Produced by Ross Wilson and Steve Wilson

CD      AUS   Universal

Live Together        2002

CD      AUS   MGM

Contribution to album

Triple J Live At The Wireless 3       1993
Triple M Cordless                     1993
Triple J Live                         1996
Not So Dusty                          1998
Andrew Denton's Musical Challenge     2000
Cold - Live At The Chapel Vol. 2      2001
Triple M Musical Challenge Vol. 3     2002


Gleeson Dave (v) 1989-2001,2004-present Sudden Impact, Aspect, solo-album "Wanted Man" 2003
Hatchman Col (d) ????-2001,2004-present Hang Seng
Heaney Brad (d) 1989-1993 DV8, The Radiators
Hocking Jimi (g,bv,mand,k) 1993-1997
Lara Richard (g,bv) 1989-1993 Belt, Choirboys
Osmanovich Izmet (g,bv) 1997-2001,2004-present Judge Mercy, Powerstrike
Rosevear Craig (d) 1993-???? B.B. Steal
Walmsley Grant (g,bv) 1989-2001,2004-present Sudden Impact, Aspect, Hang Seng
Woseen Paul (b,bv) 1989-2001,2004-present Aspect

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