The Screaming Tribesmen

Brisbane 1981-1983
Sydney 1984-present



I Don't Wanna Know     1983    4

EP       AUS   EMI Custom

Igloo                  1983    2   Produced by Chris Masuak

Single   AUS   Citadel CIT004
         FRA   Sonics (different sleeve)

A Stand Alone          1984    2   Produced by Chris Masuak

Single   AUS   Citadel CIT009
         FRA   Sonics SON07 (different sleeve)

Move A Little Closer   1985    4

EP       UK    What Goes On WHAT GOES 2T ("Igloo" and "A Stand Alone")

Date With A Vampire    1985    4   Produced by Chris Masuak

EP       AUS   Citadel CITEP902
         UK    What Goes On WHAT GOES 4T
         ???   CBS Assoc CA121

Top Of The Town        1986    6   Produced by Chris Masuak and Alan Thorne

EP       AUS   Rattlesnake RAT1202

Bones and Flowers      1987   10   Produced by Chris Masuak and Alan Thorne

LP       AUS   Survival
         USA   Rykodisc RALP 10077
         ???   Speedo DOLP 9077

Take Cover             1989    5   Produced by The Screaming Tribesmen

EP       AUS   Survival 655147 6

High Time              1990   XX

CD       AUS   Survival SUR 507 CD (15 tracks, "Igloo", "A Stand Alone", "Top of The Town" and "Take Cover")
         GER   Rattlesnake/Normal RAT 507 CD (12 tracks, missing "My True Loves Blood", "Move A Little Closer" and "2 Blind Mice")

Blood Lust             1990   10   Produced by Kevin Shirley

CD       AUS   Survival
         GER   Rattlesnake/Normal RAT 512 CD

LP       GER   Rattlesnake/Normal RAT 512

Formaldehyde           1993   11   Produced by Rob Younger, The Screaming Tribesmen and Mike Wood

CD       AUS   Survival SUR 527 CD

Anthology 1982-1993    2003   22

CD       AUS


Cardinal Tony (d) 1996-present Espionage, What?!!, Anti-Hierarchy, Soggy Porridge, Candy Harlots
Charles Michael (d) 1984-1986 Fore Play, Shy Imposters, Angie Pepper Band, Spies, Lipstick Killers, Minuteman, Wolfgang
Dixon Chris (d) 1993 Sentinel, Lost Boys
Fraser Warwick (d) 1986-1989 Uncle Mills, Streetlife, Blackfeather, Feather, Smith, The Change, Never Ending, Hoi Polloi, Johnny Kannis Explosion, Klondike and The Kamloops Swing, Flying Tigers, Johnny and The Reactors, Peter Wells Band, Oasis
Geary Ash (g) 1993 Lost Boys
Hartley John (b) 1981-1984 The Aliens, The Fun Things
Heine Ritchie (d,perc,bv) 1989-1992 Thirty Minutes of Sheer Hell, Behind The Magnolia Curtain, The Einstones, Terrapins, Radio Luxemburg, Girl Monstar
Kingsmill Mark (d) 1984 The Hellcats, The Other Side, The Hitmen, Super K, The New Christs, Hoodoo Gurus, Good Vibrations (session), The Moops, Persian Rugs
Larsen Paul (d) 1993-1996 Funhouse, Jeffrey Jeffrey Hysterectomy, The Celibate Rifles, Roddy Rayda and The Surfin' Caesars, Juke Savages
Mann Brian (g,bv) 1989-1990 Girlies, Wildcats, Headstones, Lime Spiders, Kcrunch, Fig Tree Renaissance, Love Me
Masuak Chris (g,p,bv) 1984-1989
Medew Mick (v,g) 1981-present The 31st, Wolfgang
Morris Glen (g) 1989,1991-1995 Kings Of The Sun, Bloodshot, Monk
Newman Andy (b,k) 1996-present ME 262, Trans 262, Howling Commandos, Party Bores, Rattlesnake Shake
Peno Ron (v) 1981 Virgin Frog, Uncle Mils, The Hellcats, Frozen Stiffs, The 31st, Died Pretty, Naked Lunch, The Twinkies
Robertson Tony (b) 1984 The 31st, The Hitmen, The New Christs, Johnny Kannis Band, Naked Lunch, Johnny Kannis Explosion, Da Brudders, The Punjabbers, Flying Tigers
Shepherd Murray (d) 1981-1984 The Aliens, The Phantom Agents, The Fun Things, The Myth, The Four Horsemen, Hydrosaurus, Harpoon, The Monarchs, Lime Spiders
Silver Jeff (b,bv) 1989-1996 Somebody's Sister, Volcanoes, Radio Luxemburg
Wackley Robert (b) 1984-1989 Crossroads, Razar, The Buddies, Grooveyard, Johnny Kannis Band, Klondike and The Kamloops Swing, Roddy Radalj and The Surfin' Caesars
Welsh Chris (d) 1984 Nightwind, The 31st, Died Pretty, Settlement, Steve Lucas and A.R.M.

Sources of information: Divine Rites
© Magnus Holmgren
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