The Seekers

Melbourne/UK 196?-1968,1993,1997-present



Introducing The Seekers         1964    12

LP         AUS   W&G
           UK    Decca LK 4694 (entitled "The Seekers")

The Seekers                     1964    12

LP         UK    World Record Club T422
           UK    EMI/Music For Pleasure MFP1397 (re-issue, entitled "Roving With The Seekers", different cover)

Hide and Seekers                1964    12   Produced by Cyril Ornadel

LP         UK    World Record Club
           UK    EMI/Music For Pleasure MFP1301 (re-issue, entitled "The Four And Only Seekers - Hide and Seekers", different cover)

A World Of Our Own              1965    12   Produced by Tom Springfield

CD         UK    EMI (issued 1997, re-mastered, digipak)

LP         AUS   (entitled "The Seekers")
           UK    Columbia/EMI SX1722

Come The Day                    1966    12   Produced by Tom Springfield

LP         UK    Columbia/EMI SX 6093 (mono)
           UK    Columbia/EMI SCX 6093 (stereo)
           USA   Capitol (issued 1967, entitled "Georgy Girl")

Hits From The Seekers           1966     4

EP         AUS   Columbia SEGO 8496

Morningtown Ride                1966     2   Produced by Tom Springfield

Single     UK    Columbia/EMI DB8060

Seekers Seen In Green           1967    12   Produced by The Seekers and Keith Grant

CD         AUS   (issued 1998)

LP         UK    Columbia/EMI SX 6193 (mono, gatefold)
           UK    Columbia/EMI SCX 6193 (stereo, gatefold)

Days Of My Life                 1968     2   Produced by Mickie Most

Single     UK    Columbia/EMI DB8407

Live At The Talk Of The Town    1968    16   Produced by Mickie Most

CD         AUS   (issued 1998)

LP         UK    Columbia/EMI SCX 6278

The Best Of The Seekers         1968    12

LP         UK    Columbia/EMI SX 6268 (mono)
           UK    Columbia/EMI SCX 6268 (stereo)

The Seekers Sing                1969    10   Produced by Keith Potger

LP         UK    Contour/Pickwick CN2024
           UK?   Fontana Special SFL 13093

The Silver Jubilee Album        1994    25

CD         UK    EMI 7814082

25 Year Reunion Celebration     1993    20   Produced by Michael Cristiano

CD         UK    EMI 8281912

A Carnival Of Hits              1994    20

CD         UK    EMI 72438 29151 26

Collector Series                199?    23

CD         USA   Capitol

The Seekers Complete            1995   126

5-CD-BOX   AUS   EMI 8146392

Treasure Chest                  1997    30

3-CD-BOX   AUS   EMI 72438 14903 27 (contains "Seen In Green" and "Live At The Talk 0f The Town" + interview CD)

Future Road                     1997    12   Produced by Charles Fisher

CD         AUS   EMI 72438 23297 25

1968 BBC Farewell Spectacular   1999    18

CD         AUS

Morningtown Ride To Christmas   2001

CD         AUS

Shared with Judith Durham:
Shake Up The Party Myra         19??     2

Single     AUS   W&G WG-s-8079

Contribution to album

The Spirit of Christmas 2003   2003


Durham Judith (v) 1962-1968,1993,1997-present
Guy Athol (b,bv) 196?-1968,1993,1997-present The Ramblers, The Escorts
Potger Keith (g,banjo,bv) 196?-1968,1993,1997-present The Trinamics, The Escorts, The New Seekers (manager)
Ray Ken (v,g) 196?-196?
Woodley Bruce (g,banjo,mand,bv) 196?-1968,1993,1997-present

Sources of information: Patrick Jervis' Judith Durham: The Seekers Web Page
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