Sam See



No Nonsense   s   Simple Needs   1985

Session musician

Lighthouse                          lp                                          1976
M.S. Hicks                          lp      M                                   1977
La Femme                            lp      La Femme                            1980
Bluestone                           lp      The Closer You Get                  1982
Criston Barker                      lp      Side By Side                        1983
Colleen Hewett                      s       If You Ever Feel The Need           1984
Brian Cadd                          lp      No Stone Unturned                   1985
Ka Ha                               lp      Heart Of The Warrior                1986
D Fisk                              lp      TTK                                 1986
Dave Evans and Thunder Down Under   lp      Dave Evans and Thunder Down Under   1986
Blue Healers                        track                                       1987
The Black Sorrows                   lp      Hold On To Me                       1988
The Black Sorrows                   cd      Better Times                        1992


Clapham Junction
Sherbet 1969
Flying Circus 1970-
Lighthouse (Canada)
Fraternity 1971-1972
Southern Cross 1977-1978
The Stockley See Mason Band 1978-1981
Goanna 1984
The Fabolous Zarsoff Brothers 1985 Peter Knox, Daryl McKenzie, Glyn Mason
John Farnham Band 1986
Broderick Smith Band 1987
Broderick Smith and The Noveltones 1988
Stagefright 1991
Strange Bedfellows 1992
The Fealers 1993

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