Mark Seymour



King Without A Clue          1997   11   Produced by Barry Palmer

CD          AUS   Mushroom MUSH33040.2 (first issue came with 6 track bonus live CD)

One Eyed Man                 2001   13   Produced by Daniel Denholm and David Nicholas

CD          AUS   Mushroom MUSH33343.2

Ballad of The One Eyed Man
Live At The Basement 2001 14
CD AUS Warner Music/The Basement BASE002 DVD AUS Warner 0927423472 (17 tracks + 3 bonus tracks) Embedded 2004 11 Produced by Cameron McKenzie CD AUS Liberation LIBCD6092.2 SWE Promising Records LPCD-2 (issued 2005) Daytime and The Dark 2005 15 Produced by Cameron McKenzie CD AUS Liberation Blue BLUE0752 Westgate 2007 12 Produced by Cameron McKenzie CD AUS SWE Promising Records LPCD-35 with Paul Kelly: Hey Boys 1992 2 Produced by Mark Seymour CD-Single AUS Picture This D11067

Contribution to album

Native Tongue - Loudspeaker           1996
Mushroom 25 Live                      1998
Music, Live From The Panel            1999
Cold - Live At The Chapel Vol. 2      2001
Rove Live - ...Some Music             2001
The Spirit of Christmas 2002          2002
CrashBurn (Soundtrack)                2003

with Paul Kelly:
Garbo (Soundtrack)                    1992

Session musician

Harem Scarem   mlp   Dog Man   1985
Nick Barker    cd    C-Sides   2005


The Jetsonnes 1979-1980 John Archer, Doug Falconer, Margot O'Neill, Ray Totsi-Guerra
Hunters and Collectors 1980-present
Four Corners 1985
Mark Semour and The Daydreamers 1988-1989 Nick Barker, Doug Falconer, Jeremy Smith

Sources of information: Hunters and Collectors Discography Revision 4.3v, Official Mark Seymour Website
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