The Sharp

Melbourne 1991-1996,2000



Love Your Head            1992    3   Produced by Nick Mainsbridge

CD-Single   AUS   MDS WOW1

Spinosity                 1992    5   Produced by Nick Mainsbridge and The Sharp

CD-EP       AUS   East West 450990501-2

This Is The Sharp         1993   12   Produced by Peter Farnan, Nick Mainsbridge and The Sharp

CD          AUS   East West 450993510-2
            GER   East West 450993510-2 (13 tracks, added "Yeah I Want You")

Yeah I Want You           199?    5

CD-Single   AUS   East West 450994121-2

Sonic Tripod              1994   16   Produced by Peter Farnan, Rick Will, Nick Mainsbridge and The Sharp

CD          AUS   East West 450997336-2
            GER   East West 450997336-2

MC          AUS   East West 450997336-4

Skeletons In The Closet   199?   14

CD          AUS   East West SHARP0001

Single File - Best Of     199?

CD          AUS   East West

MC          AUS   East West

with Francis Dunnery:
Release The Rats          199?    5

CD-EP       AUS   RATS (only available at concerts during the "Release The Rats" tour)

Contribution to album

Triple J Live At The Wireless 3   1993


Catlin Allan (v,b) 1991-1996,2000 ---
Collins Piet (d,v) 1991-1996,2000 Blooze Muthas, The Others, Cliff and The Hangovers, The Hustlers
Rooke Charlie (v,g) 1991-1996,2000 Earlobe

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