Brad Shepherd


Contribution to album

I'm In Love...With That Song   1999


The Welcome Mat   cd     Lap Of Honour                                      199?
Shutterspeed      cdep   Up Go The Shutters                                 199?
Shutterspeed      cdep   Well Ain't That Somethin', A Good Thing's Comin'   1999

Session musician

Ghostwriters                     cd   Ghostwriters          1991
The Welcome Mat                  cd   Lap Of Honour         199?
Rob Hirst and The Ghostwriters   cd   Fibromoon             1999
The Kelly Gang                   cd   Looking For The Sun   2004


The Aliens 1978-1979,1980 Murray Shepherd, John Hartley
The Phantom Agents 1979 Murray Shepherd, John Hartley
The Fun Things 1979-1980 Murray Shepherd, John Hartley, Graeme Beavis
The 31st 1980-1981 Mick Medew, Michael O'Connell, Ron Peno, Tony Robertson, Chris Welsh
Super K 1981 Clyde Bramley, Mark Kingsmill, Frank Brunetti, Tracey Burges, Ken Doyle, Tracey Landing, Peter Simpson
The Hitmen 1981-1982
Hoodoo Gurus 1982-1998
The Beasts of Bourbon 1984
The Last Temptation 1988
Roddy Radalj and The Surfin' Caesars 1989
The Monarchs 1999-2002
The Moops 2001-2002 Dave Faulkner, Mark Kingsmill, Rick Grossman
The Persian Rugs 2002-present
Hoodoo Gurus 2003-present

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