Melbourne 1976-1979



Heartaches   1978   4   Produced by Chris Barker and Ashley Buckle

EP   AUS   Big A


Barker Crist (b,bv) 1979 Ash, Sunday Mourning, Island, Freeway, Keith Lamb and The New Hush, Air Supply, Hush, Appollo Bay, Criston Barker
Buckingham Michael (d) -1978 Krozier and The Generator
Buckle Ashley (g) -1979 Liners
Castles David (v,g) 1976-1979 Isaac Aaron, Liners
Lee Richard (viol) 1976-1979 Isaac Aaron, Dragon, Melbourne Zoo
Pope Greg (b) -1979 Liners, The Cutters
Rankin Rick (g) 1979 Blackfeather, Big Choir
Thornton Tony (d) 1979 Roadwork, Clean Cut, Front Page, Paul Kelly and The Dots, Young Homebuyers, Manic Rockers From Hell, The Possum Hunters, The Real McCoys, The Slaughtermen, The Trailblazers, Truckasaurus
Walsh Steve (g) 1979 ---
Young Wayne (d) 1978-1979

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