Newcastle 1992-present



Tomorrow                    1994    4

CD-EP       AUS   Murmur MATTCD001 (limited edition of 2000)
            AUS   Murmur (re-issue)

EP          AUS   Murmur MATTV001

MC-EP       AUS   Murmur MATTC001

Frogstomp                   1995   11

CD          AUS   Murmur
            AUT   Sony
            USA   Epic EK 67247-2

LP          AUS   Murmur 480340-0 (green vinyl, 1 bonus track; "Blind")

MC          USA   Epic EK 67247-4

Freakshow                   1997   13   Produced by Nick Launay

CD          AUS   Murmur
            AUT   Murmur
            USA   Sony 67905-2

LP          AUS   Murmur MATTV043 (1 bonus track; "Punk Song #2")
            ???   Murmur 487103-0 (yellow vinyl, 1 bonus track; "Punk Song #2")

MC          USA   Sony 67905-4

Neon Ballroom               1999   12   Produced by Nick Launay

CD          AUS   Murmur
            AUS   Murmur (re-issue 1999, tour-edition with bonus CD-ROM disc "Inside The Neon Ballroom" in flexitray)
            AUT   Murmur/Epic EPC 493309 2
            AUT   Murmur/Epic EPC 493309 9 (limited edition with 2-track bonus CD incl. CD-ROM components)

The Best Of Vol. 1          2000   22

Double-CD   AUS   Murmur

Diorama                     2002   11   Produced by David Bottrill and Daniel Johns

CD          AUS   Eleven/EMI elevencd8
            AUS   Eleven/EMI elevencd8SP (special edition with cd-rom film, studio postcard and full colour booklet)
            USA   Atlantic

LP          AUS   Eleven/EMI (500 copies)

Live From Faraway Stables   2003   24

BOX         AUS   Eleven (2-CD and 2-DVD box, same 24 tracks on both CDs and DVDs)

Young Modern                2007   13   Produced by Nick Launay and Daniel Johns

CD          AUS   Eleven/Virgin ELEVENCD63
            AUS   Eleven/Virgin ELEVENCD63SP (limited edition with DVD)
            USA   Warner

LP          AUS

Contribution to album

Mall Rats (Soundtrack)                 1996
MOM - Music for Our Mother ocean       1996
Cable Guy (Soundtrack)                 1996
Tonnage 2                              1996
Triple J Live                          1996
Spawn (Soundtrack)                     1997
Recovery  - Songs From The Back Door   1997
Godzilla (Soundtrack)                  1998
Triple J - Five Alive                  1999
Rove Live - ...Some More Music         2002


Gillies Ben (d) 1992-present Tambalene
Joannou Chris (b) 1992-present
Johns Daniel (v,g) 1992-present

Sources of information: Slitz #4 1995, The Official Silverchair Home Page
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