The Slaughtermen

Melbourne 1984-1989,1994



God's Not Dead                                1986    2

Single   AUS   Au-go-go

Live - Naturally                              198?

MC       AUS   Endtime

Still Lovin' You                              1987

LP       AUS   Cleopatra

Melbourne, Memphis and a Mansion in the Sky   1988

LP       AUS   Agade

Jesus Can't Remember                          1989

EP       AUS   Agade

Gospel Gold                                   1995

CD       AUS   Massive


Crombie Noel (v) 1986 (temp)
Doolan Terry (g,bv) 1986-1987,1989 The Fizztops, Sacred Cowboys, Beasts of Bourbon, The Gospel According to St Kilda, The Leisure Makers
Eastcott Rob (p) 1984-
Ferrie Mark (b,bv) 1984-1987,1989
Freidenfelds Janis (d) 1984- JAB, The Models, Beasts of Bourbon, Sacred Cowboys, Tombstone Hands
Heffner Des (d) 1986- The Scavengers, The Birthday Party, The Marquises, The Marching Girls, Permanent Press, Four Courners, The Gospel According To St Kilda, The Great Temptation, The Black Sun, Barry Plankton, Maurice Frawley and The Working Class Ringos
Jaquinot Pierre (g) 1984- Fabulous Nudes, Autodrifters, Leisuremasters, Go Wild in French
Linden Peter (pd st) 1984- Wallace White and The Wingwalkers, Billy Jack, Moonie Valley Drifters, Steve Hoy Band
Lubran Martin (pd st,g) 1989 Spiny Norman, Hunters and Collectors, Permanent Press, The Dying People, Apocalypse, Connection, Great Temptation, Red=Yellow=Blue, The Index, The Possom Hunters, Mercy Mercy, Dave Graney and The White Buffalos, The Trailblazers, Truckasaurus, George Huxley's International Velvet
Pendlebury Andrew (g,bv) 1985-
Stephen Ian (v,p,org) 1984-1989,1994 Armchairs, Go Wild in French, High Spirits, Gospel According to St Kilda, Schizophrenia, The Welcome Strangers, Ian Stephen's Band, Sinners Saved By Grace
Thornton Tony (d) 1989 Roadwork, Clean Cut, Front Page, Sidewinder, Paul Kelly and The Dots, Young Homebuyers, Manic Rockers From Hell, The Possum Hunters, The Real McCoys, The Trailblazers, Truckasaurus

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