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Broderick Smith:
Going On Down To The End Of The World   1972    2   Produced by Brian Cadd

Single   AUS   Image

Yesterday It Rained                     1973    2   Produced by Brian Cadd

Single   AUS   Image

Broderick Smith's Big Combo:
Faded Roses                             1981    2

Single   AUS   Wheatley

Broderick Smith's Big Combo             1981

LP       AUS   Wheatley

High Rise                               1982    2

Single   AUS   Wheatley

Ruby In The Snow                        1982    2

Single   AUS   Wheatley

Broderick Smith:
Broderick Smith                         1984

LP       AUS   Wheatley/RCA

Suitcase                                1992

CD       AUS   Mushroom

My Shiralee                             1994

CD       AUS   Newmarket

Songster                                1995

CD       AUS   ABC

Crayon Angels                           1996

CD       AUS   ABC

Too Easy                                2002

CD       AUS   Newmarket NEW 3082.2

Contribution to album

The Andrew Durant Memorial Concert   1980
Rocking Australia Live               1982


Goanna         ep   Livin' On The Razor's Edge   1979
The Shades     s
Michael De Wolfe

Session musician

The Foreday Riders             lp      Foreday Riders Blues Band    1969
Soundtrack                     lp      Morning Of The Earth         1972
Tamam Shud                     track   First Things First           1972
Dutch Tilders                  lp      Dutch Tilders                1973
Soundtrack                     lp      Tommy                        1973
Cat Stevens                    lp                                   1977
Benders                        lp      Picnic at Oakleigh Rotunda   1979
Skyhooks                       lp      Hot For The Orient           1980
The Bushwackers                lp      Faces In The Street          1981
Peter Cupples                  lp      Fear Of Thunder              1981
Bluestone                      lp      The Closer You Get           1982
Doug Parkinson                 lp      Heartbeat To Heartbeat       1982
The Bushwackers                lp      Lively!                      1984
The Bushwackers                lp      Beneath The Southern Cross   198?
John Justin and Thunderwings   lp      Justice                      1986
Doug Ashdown                   lp      Love Lives                   1987
Keith Glass and The Tumblers   cd      Living Down My Past          1991
Hey Gringo                     cd      Funky Car                    2003


The Maltese Band 1963
The Smokey Hollows 1965
Adderly Smith Blues Band 1966-1968 Joe Camilleri, Kerryn Tolhurst, Fat Fred Bond, Peter Carland, Gary Collier, Mark Dindas, Colin Graham, Noel Herridge, Ron Isaac, Mark Kozuch, Paul Lever, Graham Matters, Doug Stirling
Sundown 1970-1971 Mark Barnes, Mike Edwards, Steve Edwards, Keith Glass, David Green, Dave Redapple, Kerryn Tolhurst, Barry Windley, Richard Wright
Carson 1971-1973,199?
Tommy (stageshow) 1973 Daryl Braithwaite, Colleen Hewett, Jim Keays, Keith Moon, Doug Parkinson, Billy Thorpe, Ross Wilson
The Dingoes 1973-1978
Broderick Smith's Hired Hands 1978-1979
Mark Gillespie Band 1979 Steven Cooney, Trevor Courtney, Mark Gillespie, Joe Creighton, Pat L'Nane, Gay L'Nane, Dougie McDonald, Mick O'Connor, Stewart Watson
Broderick Smith's Big Combo 1979-1982
Broderick Smith Band 1983-
The Doors of Deception 1987
Broderick Smith and The Noveltones 1988
The Blues Power Band 1991 Matt Taylor, Phil Manning, Mick O'Connor, Peter Coughlan, Robert Dillon
The Grapes of Wrath (stageplay) 1994
Broderick Smith and The Guild 1996 Gerry Hale, Chris Wilson, Matt Walker, Peter Howell, Kevin Bennett, Laurie Ernst

Members (Broderick Smith's Hired Hands)

Lawrie Greg (sl g) 1978-1979 Johnny Grey and The G Men, The Creeatures, The Chocolate, The Meating, Carson, Gulliver's Travels, Amigos, Afrijah, The Whittle Family, Last Chance Band, Country Killed
McLaughlin Jose (k) 1978-1979 Gerry and The Pacemakers (UK), Joe and Julie, Pantha, Daniel, Brown Sugar
Payne Adrian (d) 1978-1979 Pantha
Robertson Ron (b) 1978-1979 Tinsley Waterhouse Band, Broderick Smith's Big Combo
Smith Broderick (v) 1978-1979

Members (Broderick Smith's Big Combo)

Annas John (d) 1981-1982 Atlas, Gypsy c, Shadowfax, Kevin Borich Express, Marc Hunter and The Romantics, Big Combo, Stuart and McKay, The Runners, The Spaniards, Kitto, Phil Para Band
Ballard John (g,sax,bv) 1979 Manning, Phil Manning Band, Bobby James Syndicate, Tinsley Waterhouse Band
Eastick Malcolm (g) 1979-1982
Gillard James (b) 1982 Pease Partridge Band, Western Flyer, Tremors, Mondo Rock, Russell Morris and The Rubes, Richard Clapton Band, Bob Starkie Shape Up, Tania Bowra Band, The Fargone Beauties, Parisbeat
Lee Peter (d) 1979-1980 Velvet, Canyon, Wheatfield, Mason's Cure, Stylus, Tinsley Waterhouse Band, Joyce Brothers, Blue Healer
O'Connor Mick (k) 1979-1982
Paterakis Manny (d) 1980-1981 Armadillo, Captain Matchbox Whoopee Band, Last Chance Cafe, Ariel, Mike Rudd's Instant Replay, Tinsley Waterhouse Band, Shaun and The Fiddler, Boys Meet Girl, United Notions, Brent Parlane Band, Manic Rockers From Hell, Burwood Blues Band, Kenny Lopez Sex Mambo, Mike Rudd's Quintet
Robertson Ron (b) 1979-1981 Tinsley Waterhouse Band, Broderick Smith's Hired Hands
Smith Broderick (v) 1979-1982
Thompson Graham (b) 1981-1982
Wilson Chris (p,g) 1981-1982 Buster Brown, Jeff Duff, Myriad, The Ride Band, Silver Studs, Mick Pealing and The Ideals, Superscope, Broderick Smith Band, Phil Manning Band, A Couple Of Swells, Hi Tones, Where's Broderick?, The Beat Boys, Flat Tops, Priscilla's Nightmare, Russell Morris and The Word, Lewis and Young and Friends, The Giants

Members (Broderick Smith Band)

Allsop Jeremy (b) 1983-1984 Ram Band, Pyramid, Men At Work, White Light Orchestra, Blowout, The Well, Big Push, The Lovers, Christine Sullivan Quintet
Binks Simon (g) 1988 Spiff Rouch, Clutch Cargo, Australian Crawl
Bulpin Randy (g) 1992 Toads, Northwind, Hot Club, Nellie Packer Band, Mondo Rock, James Freud and Berlin, Darryl Cotton Band, Aliens, The Runners, Brave Men, The Fabs, Ian Moss Band, King Bees, Fresh
Day Tony (d) 1988,1989,1994 Girl Overboard, The Masters Apprentices
Den Elzen Michael (g) 1984
Dillon Robert (d) 1983,1987,1990 Phil Manning Band, Mike Rudd and The Heaters, Adrian's Wall, Broderick Smith and The Noveltones, Colin Hay Band, The Blues Power Band, Fresh
Domoney Mark (g) 1983-1984 Nellie Packer Band, Loose Change, Short Circuit
Donald Steve (d) 1992 Texas, Fastbuck, Fritz and The Nullabor Catz, Wendy and The Rockets, Adrian's Wall, Incredible Penguins, King Bees
Favaro John (b) 1992 All Talk, The Fabs, Seperate Tables, Girl Overboard, Schizophrenics, The Badloves, The Masters Apprentices, Kutcha Edwards and Band
Fraser Stuart (g) 19??
Gadsby Paul (b) 1990
Gee Darren (b) 1988 ---
Greig Mark (g) 1988-
Groves Larry (k) 1984 Jefferson Blues, Ticket, Cheetah, The Echoes, Idio-Syncro, Magna Carta, Adrian's Wall
Hale Gerry (mand,viol) 1990,1994 Colin Hay Band, Richest Men On Earth, Uncle Bill
Hamilton Brian (b,bv) 1984 Air Supply, Sailor, Locals
Harris Michael (viol) 19?? The Bushwackers, Bush Turkey, Noel's Cowards, The Whirling Furphies
Logan Mal (k) 1990
McManus Louis (mand,viol) 1989 The Bushwackers, Matchbox, Captain Matchbox Whoopee Band, The Matchbox Band, Redgum, No Fixed Address, John Schumann Band, Purple Dentists, Noel's Cowards, Qwooka, Noel Watson Band
Mortimer Glen (d) 1992 Grand Wazoo
Murray Dave (b) 1990 ---
Nottingham Gary (d) 1983 Hi Tones, Johnny Said So, Paul Norton Band, Black 'n' Blonde, Bad Boy Johnny and The Prophets of Doom
O'Connor Mick (k) 1988,1989
Price Robert (bv) 1983
Rose Michael (pd st) 1994 Anne Kirkpatrick Band, Stephen Cummings and Lovetown, Baylor Brothers Band, McCauley's Raiders, Sinners Saved By Grace
See Sam (g,k) 1987
Smith Broderick (v,harm) 1983-
Smith Nick (g,bv) 1989-1992
Stockley Chris (g) 1990
Walker Matt (g,dobro,lap st) 1994
Williams Paul (b) 1987 Terra Australis, Spiff Rouch, Clutch Cargo, Giant Steps, Australian Crawl, The Strangeloves, The Shivers
Wilson Chris (p,g) 1983-1984 Buster Brown, Jeff Duff, Myriad, The Ride Band, Silver Studs, Broderick Smith's Big Combo, Mick Pealing and The Ideals, Superscope, Phil Manning Band, A Couple Of Swells, Hi Tones, Where's Broderick?, The Beat Boys, Flat Tops, Priscilla's Nightmare, Russell Morris and The Word, Lewis and Young and Friends, The Giants

Members (Broderick Smith and The Noveltones)

Dillon Robert (d) 1988 Phil Manning Band, Mike Rudd and The Heaters, Broderick Smith Band, Adrian's Wall, Colin Hay Band, The Blues Power Band, Fresh
Imbrol Joe (b) 1988 Forecast, Scratch, John Farnham Band, Tour De Force, Brian Cadd Band, Adrian's Wall, Wendy and The Rockets, Goanna, Ka Ha, Ian Moss Band, Brian Cadd and Max Merritt Band, Glee Club, Steve Hoy Band, The Chantoozies, Kitto
Smith Broderick (v,harm) 1988
See Sam (g,k) 1988

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