Nick Smith



Groovin'   1984   2   Produced by Joe Camilleri

Single   AUS   Spirit


Joe Camilleri   s       Celebrate                       1986
Tess McKenna    mlp     March                           1988
Tess McKenna    track   The Loneliest Day In December   1994

Session musician

Stephen Cummings        lp    Senso                   1984
The Black Sorrows       lp    A Place In The World    1986
White Light Orchestra   lp    Halley's Comet          1986
Stephen Cummings        lp    This Wonderful Life     1986
Cattletruck             lp    Reason To Believe       1987
Stephen Cummings        lp    Lovetown                1987
Andrew Pendlebury       lp    Tiger Land              1988
Stephen Cummings        lp    A New Kind Of Blue      1988
The Black Sorrows       lp    Hold On To Me           1988
Priscilla's Nightmare   mlp   Priscilla's Nightmare   1989
Girl Overboard          lp    Paint A Picture         1989
Stephen Cummings        cd    Good Humour             1990
Stephen Cummings        cd    Unguided Tour           1992
Broderick Smith         cd    Suitcase                1992
Stephen Cummings        cd    Escapist                1996
The Black Sorrows       cd    One Mo' Time            2004


Millionaires 1975-1977
The Kevins 1978-1983
Stephen Cummings Band 1983
Offbeats 198? Steve Leeson
Little Red Rooster 1986 Joe Camilleri, Paul Grabowsky, Ross Hannaford, Gary Young
The Black Sorrows 1985-1988
Broderick Smith Band 1989-1992
The Revelators 1990

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