Rob Snarski



with Dan Luscombe:
There Is Nothing Here That Belongs To You   2002   11   Produced by Dan Luscombe and Rob Snarski

CD   AUS   Quietly Suburban/Shock QSR013

Contribution to album

Where Joy Kills Sorrow   1997
RRRewind In The Chapel   1998
Thin Man Bordello        2000


The Blackeyed Susans   cd   Mouth To Mouth   1995

Session musician

David McComb   cd   Love Of Will   1994


Chad's Tree
Bottomless Schooners of Old 1988 Martin Casey, Graham Lee, David McComb
The Blackeyed Susans 1989-present
The Blackeyed Vendors of Paradise 1992 Mark Halstead, Phil Kakulas, Graham Lee

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