Sydney 1990-present



Sneeze             1993   20

CD          AUS   Half A Cow HAC50 (issued 1996, 21 bonus tracks)

Double-EP   AUS   Half A Cow Moo06

Shaky Ground       1997    8

EP          SPA   ER-177

The Four Seezons   1998   15

LP          AUS   Half A Cow HAC69

Doctor Of Love     1999    5

CD-Single   AUS   Half A Cow HAC81


Dalton Nic (v,b,g,k,harm,perc) 1990-present 
Meyerratken Lara (d,v) present Lustre 4, The Ultimate Vanilla, The Ben Lee Band 
Morgan Tom (v,g) 1990-present Godstar, Erbs n Pisces, Smudge

Sources of information: Gesundheit - The Sneeze Web Site, Nic Dalton Homepage
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