Some Kind Of Justice

Sydney 1988-1992



Shake The American Dream   1989   8   Produced by Geoff Stapleton

LP       AUS   Green Fez FEZLP402/SAM001 (green vinyl)

Permafrost                 1990   2   Produced by Chris Masuak

Single   AUS   Sam Music SAM00001


Amos Ian (v,g) 1988-1992 The New Avengers, Naive
Cole Steve (b) 1991-1992
Hood Graham (b) 1990-1991 The Johnnys, The Beasts of Bourbon, Allniters
Kelly Sean (g,bv) 1990-1992 ---
Lalich Darren (d) 1990-1992
Lornie David (d) 1989-1990
Millynn Peter (v,g) 1988-1992
Power Sean (g) 1989-1990
Reddall Matt (b,bv) 1989-1990

Sources of information: Divine Rites, Ian Amos
© Magnus Holmgren
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