The Someloves

Perth 1986-



It's My Time/Don't Talk About Us   1986    2

Single    AUS   Citadel CIT018

Something Or Other                 1989   12   Produced by Mitch Easter, John Villani and The Someloves

CD        AUS   White D30163
          SWE   White D30163

LP        AUS   White L30163

Sunshine's Glove                   1990    6

Mini-CD   AUS   White

Mini-LP   AUS   White X 14819


Mariani Dom (v,g) 1986- The Nit Wits, Impact, The GoStarts, The Stems, Stonefish, The Crusoes, The Five Alive, Dom Mariani's Orange, DM3, Majestic Kelp
Mather Darryl (g) 1986- Lime Spiders, Orange Humble Band

Sources of information: Stems Discography
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